High End Candle Review – Michael Aram Pine Cone Candle

Regardless of the effort that one puts in the creation of a scent or any other product, very often the end result is no match for the creations of nature that exist around us and continue to amaze us with their captivating simplicity. Guided by this idea, luxury candles brand that bears the name of its founder, Michael Aram, presents the fine product that exudes one of the most appealing existing scents – the aroma of a pine cone.

Intoxicating Fragrances

The intoxicating blend of fragrances that makes this product by Michael Aram Candles so intoxicating and refreshing, triggers pleasant feelings and transfers the individual to a thick pine forest, which smell fills the lungs with freshness, while tenderly tickling the sense of smell. The scent of this fabulous product has a clear woody fragrance at its core. This aroma is even further underlined with a dash of earthly smell of fir balsam. The combined invigorating fragrance of evergreen trees is supplemented with discrete additions of flowery scent of lavender, which is widely used in aromatherapy due its ability to relax and invigorate. The final touch in the exceptional mixture, inspired by a natural aroma, is a sharp fruity citrus, added to accent the overall stimulating feeling that one gets after an encounter with the light of Michael Aram Pine Cone Candle.

Distinctive Organic Notes

The final result of combining the pine forest, balsam fir, lavender and citrus gives the candle a distinctive organic note, as it is usual for all products designed and conceived by Michael Aram. The New York based artist, who started his career by creating works of art by hand-processing metal, was immensely influenced by his trip to India which he undertook after completing the studies of fine art. The principles of creation that he discovered during the trip remained imprinted in his method, which includes a recognizable link between the artist and his product.  The same idea is transferred to the design of scented candles, and it reflects the ritualistic nature and inclusion of harmonic energies in his work.

Natural Ingredients

These principles are highly visible in the Pine Cone Candle that his company sells. As it is customary for the products of the brand, the scented candle is made of natural soy wax and with triple cotton wick to insure steady and harmonic flames. The approximated burn time of the 13.5 oz weighing product is minimally 60 hours. The nature-inspired scented candle is 5’’ high and with the diameter of 3.75’’. The product is delivered with oxidized, gold and nickel plated lid.