High End Candle Review: The Baroness von Neumann Atlas Candle

The Baroness von Neumann Atlas Candle is a great candle for anyone who wants spicy and smoky luxury scented candles with hints of earthy flowers. With notes of Ceylon cinnamon, Zanzibar clove, smoky peat, sandalwood, orange blossoms, rosewood, red amber, and mahogany, this candle is perfect for anyone who loves rich, complex fragrance. The scent is not too sweet but also not too masculine, as some lesser masculine scents tend to be. The candle is in fact inspired by the fireplace at the Baroness’ library. This is in fact the perfect fragrance for an office, library, or man’s bedroom. It is also a great fragrance for the living room – not too sweet or cloying but with a gentle sweetness.

Long Burning Time

The Baroness von Neumann Atlas Candle is 12.5 oz. and burns for more than 70 hours. The natural wax blend and natural wick ensure that the candle burns cleanly and perfectly to the last drop, so that none of the richly scented wax is wasted. The wax blend also ensures that the fragrance is strong enough to fill your home with a wonderful scent, but without being overpowering.

Elegant Packaging

Even the packaging of The Baroness von Neumann Atlas Candle is something special and elegant. The candle is wrapped in an elegant and sophisticated gold-embossed white box. The candle itself is in a white crested frosted jar, which can be reused after the candle is gone. The simple glass with elegant gold crest looks wonderful with any décor and is stylishly elegant without being overdone. The packaging alone makes the Baroness von Neumann Atlas Candle something special – a gift to give to yourself or someone very special – but the fragrance is really what sets the candle apart.

The Luxury of the Baroness

Baroness Monica von Neumann has set the style in fragrances, home fashions, and clothes. For years, she sought for a clean burning and natural candle that would not aggravate her allergies. Finally, the Baroness launched her own line of luxury scented candles after researching exhaustively and consulting with the top “noses” in the perfume industry.  Inspired by the trips and elegant lifestyle of the Baroness, the candles are sure to add glamour and luxury to any home. The Baroness von Neumann Atlas Candle is a perfect example of the luxury of the Baroness’s style. The rich smoky and woodsy fragrance with the subtle hints of sweeter flowers create a not-too-feminine and not-too-masculine fragrance that is sure to please.