High End Candle Review: Archipelago – Black Forest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set

Designed to produce a refined fragrance with a strong and crisp wood note, Archipelago Black Forrest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set features four scented candles, and provides a seductive scent that mesmerizes instantly. It is a carefully selected blend that brings together the freshness of Douglas fir and posh exotics achieved with an ebony wood aroma. This combination of forest smells is supplemented with a slight touch of blackcurrant berry, in order to additionally underline the overall theme of a black forest which involves both woody scents and an aroma of wild and defiant forest fruit. It is also worth noting that this set is a part of a special offer, selected by Candle Delirium, after receiving InStyle Best of the Web Products accolade by InStyle magazine.

High End Archipelago

As it is the usual practice of the high-end manufacturer Archipelago, four pitch-black candles are hand poured. This is done with the intention to gain a superior product and to prevent eventual flaws. To achieve recognizable quality, candles are made of the highest quality ingredients and top available fragrance oils. Therefore, seven tenths of the premium wax blend consists of natural soy wax. By doing so, Archipelago insured a clean burn which will protect the consumers, by eliminating harmful toxins that can be found in an inferior scented candle.

Black Forrest Composition

As it names suggests, Archipelago’s Black Forrest scented candle set is comprised of four votive size candles. Each of four black luxury candles from the set weighs 2oz. They are two inches high and have diameters of a half of an inch. Each of the four candles from the marvelous Black Forest Set is made to burn for 18 hours. Therefore, the set has the potential to enchant you up to three days, providing that u light the candles consecutively. If you, however, prefer to have the entire set lit and if you desire a combined pleasantness of four premium scented candles, you will be treating yourself with almost an entire day of complete bliss and enjoyment.

Archipelago – Black Forest 4 Piece Candle Votive Set, a lovely blend of Douglas fir, ebony wood and a slight hint of black currant is available for $50. The quartet of scented candles is a part of the Black Forest collection, devised by the luxury U.S. brand Archipelago. The collection includes three more products with the same title and spirit. Those are Black Forest Reed Diffuser, Soy Candle and a Travel Tin.