Hervé Gambs Candles

Herve Gambs Terre d'Epices (Land Of Spices) CandleEuropean Roots

Coming from the hotspot of the European scent creation, France, renowned designer Hervé Gambs is a great representative of the county’s great tradition in production of amazing perfumes and aromas which also include high-end scented candles. The renowned designer has been in the industry for almost twenty five years and during that time he build quite a reputation not only in his country, but also on the world wide stage of high design. Apart from amazing room fragrances, Mr. Gambs is also well known for the inspirational creations and designs of furniture, as well of various decorative objects. The main guideline of all of his works is harmony found in nature which he always tries to replicate in all of his designs.

Gamb’s Influences

Just like at is always the case for creative people, Hervé Gambs’s work is influenced by his interests which include architecture, traveling and of course the world of nature. As he often likes to explain, everything that has the capacity to put together excellence and complexity is in his focus of attention. As it is explained before, the main focus and the greatest influence for him is natural complexity. He always tries to include natural hallmarks in his designs and to transfer it on the products he makes, which is especially visible in the scented candles he creates. The ever-present intention is to express the essential values that originate from the surroundings. With this approach, it comes as no wonder that Hervé Gambs keeps succeeding in transforming living spaces in sophisticated and modern areas.

French Olfactory Experiences

The collection of scented candles that were created by the French designer is not too extensive, but it offers unpretentious yet refined products with powerful olfactory experiences. Each of the candles has the potential to provide an amazing intimate feeling of satisfaction, achieved through the transfer of strong natural scents that immediately provoke feelings of satisfaction and excitement.

The influence of natural is not only present in the selected aromas this designer combines, as it is for example visible in his Terre D’Epices (Land of Spices) Candle, the explosive mix of intriguing aromas such as bergamot, patchouli, liquorice wood and amber. Natural approach can also be seen in the choice of ingredients and the manner of production. All of the lovely scented candles presented by Hervé Gambs are made exclusively from vegetal wax and with cotton wicks. The appearance and design of the vessels is subtle and classical, while the glasses usually have a milky white or black color. Each of these products is made in Paris.

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