Fresh Fragrances from Voluspa Vermeil Candle Collection

Voluspa - French Bourbon Vanille 3-Wick Tin Candle

A Dose of Luxury

Hand-poured with new series of refreshing fragrances, five newcomers from Voluspa scented candles factory are waiting to bring a dose of luxury into your homes. They are all parts of the new Voluspa Vermeil (formerly Seasons) Candle Collection, inspired by the exquisite glow of Vermeil Silver, for an authentic vintage effect. Containing rare seasonal scent ingredients, as well as high-quality, coconut blend waxes, every Voluspa candle is available in five different sizes, each featuring distinctive design and packaging. Good news for all fans of high-end candles is that I am speaking about pretty affordable luxury, since the smallest pack with solid burning time of 25 hours costs just $10.

Emotions of Voluspa

There is something about Voluspa candles that makes me happy each time a new product of this great brand appears on the market. That emotion becomes the desire that lasts as long as a yet unknown blend of natural fragrances finally ends up in my home, resulting with a new flurry of happiness. In fact, it is not hard to determine why my senses respond so quickly at the very mention of Voluspa. First of all, these candles smell wonderful, which takes time spent indoors to the whole new quality level. And even when the last drop of wax vanishes from the glass, it will not be thrown away. Instead, it remains the cool element of your home décor, thanks to its beautiful stylish design and an extraordinary attention that was paid on each aspect of packaging.

Sweet & Spicy Scents

Finally, with its scented candles, Voluspa meets the highest quality standards, taking case of both, beautiful long-lasting flavor and the ecological aspect. For this purpose, waxes contain natural ingredients that provide clean burning. For example, candles from the new Vermeil Collection are made of a nice, coconut blend wax. Burning-time depends on size and shape. Thus, Travel Tin Candles, with the weight of 4.5 oz., last around 25 hours, 12 oz. weight 3-Wick Tin Candles have burning-time of 60 hours, while Slender Glass Candles provide 50 hours of burning-time. Voluspa also offers beautifully decorated, 11 oz. weight candles that last for 60 hours, as well as a grand pack that weights 36 oz. and goes up to 120 hours.

Now, you can enjoy refined aromas of a sweet Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille 3 Wick Tin Candle, as well as a spicy Clove Pomander Travel Tin Candle, whose delicious fragrance of red cloves is nicely crushed and blended with the brand’s mixture of pear, bergamot and nutmeg.

Voluspa Branch Vermeil Grande 3 Wick Candle provides a woody winter aroma of spruce, complemented with hints of citron, balsam and sugar. If you like a flavor of roasted chestnuts, there is a Chestnut & Vetiver Slender Glass Candle with a charming addition of earthy vetiver, oakmoss and amber. Finally, Voluspa Champagne Rose Candle brings a note of luxury with the scent of Brut Rose Champagne, chilled and poured over cassis berries and edible white rose petals.