Create Luxury Ambience with Amouage Candles

If you want to create an ambience of luxury in your home, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on interior décor. Before your guests even see your home, their noses are already at work. Even the most beautiful furnishings and décor will not seem luxurious if your home smells of inexpensive room freshener, or worse yet, smells stale. A rich and welcoming scent is essential to making guests feel welcome, and Amouage candles allow you to create just this sort of atmosphere in your own home.

Amouage candles are made by the company Amouage, founded a quarter of a century ago at the request of His majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman. The company was founded by His highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said. The Oman company wanted to create global products that would reflect the culture of Oman, known for its rare and wonderful perfumes. The company hired the best perfumers and instituted a commitment to using local scents. The result is a unique and sensual candle that is at home even in royal homes.

Amouage candles recall an earlier era of decadence with their carefully balanced, rare fragrance. The epitome of sophistication and fine living, Amouage candles are at home in even the most elegant and regal homes. They can also bring a touch of elegance and old-world charm to your home. With exotic scents and the highest quality ingredients, Amouage candles are a luxury that transports you.

Amouage candles are made by French candle-makers who have learned the trade from their forebears, who were candle-makers in the 1700s. Each of the candles are made with the highest quality paraffin wax and fragrant oils so that the candles burn cleanly and evenly since their can withstand high temperatures well. Each Amouage candle burns for 40 hours and the fragrance of each candle is as true and rich in its 39th hour as it was in its first.

The entire experience of the Amouage candle is sensual and luxurious. Not only is the fragrance of each candle carefully crafted, but each candle is a miniature work of art, encased in an Italian glass that is decorated with fine frosting. Many customers find that these glasses are so beautiful and durable that they are treasured as miniature vases, pencil holders or even drinking glasses once the candle wax has been used up. Each glass includes a beautiful star design and an embossed brass lid. Each Amouage candle is also carefully packaged in a stunning rich red box, perfect for gift giving.

There are many wonderful Amouage candles for you to try. The Amouage Autumn Leaves Candle, the Amouage First Rose Candle, the Amouage Indian Song Candle, the Amouage Mughal Gardens Candle, the Amouage Silk Road Candle, and the Amouage Spring Sonata Candle are all admirable and sure to delight. The Amouage Autumn Leaves candle, for example, is a heady blend of cloves, orange peel, vanilla, cinnamon, edelweiss, patchouli, sandalwood, and honey. The resulting scent is rich, warm, and perfect for cool autumn days.