Cire Trudon Candles

In the 1643, in France, the legacy of Cire Trudon candles was established when a wax merchant named Trudon began crafting candles. Originally, the merchant created candles for the many churches in Paris. However, as word of the quality of candles spread, the merchant was soon asked into the homes of royalty and nobility to create candles for some of the best households of France. Louis XIV, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette all burned Cire Trudon candles. After the Revolution, Napoleon turned to Cire Trudon candles for lighting and for ceremonies.

Today, Cire Trudon is the oldest candle maker and wax manufacturer still in business. Kenzo, Guerlain, Hermes, and Dior all entrust Cire Trudon for their candles and the candles are a big hit with celebrities, too. The company’s rich tradition is evident in every beautiful and richly scented candle. Traditionally, the affluent traveled to the company’s beautiful flagship store on Rue de Seine in Paris. Today, everyone can enjoy the delicious scents and ultimate luxury of Cire Trudon candles because these candles can be purchased online through reputable retailers.

Currently, Ramdane Touhami is the creative director of Cire Trudon. Having worked as a designer and art director, Touhami is fully dedicated to developing the highest quality candles and the most beautiful candles possible. Touhami has ensured that each Cire Trudon candle is encases in a beautifully hand-crafted glass made by a renowned glass manufacturer in Tuscany. He has commissioned an ancient champagne maker to create the gold labels for the candles. Under Touhami’s direction, Cire Trudon has become unequivocally about quality and ultimate luxury.

Several things set Cire Trudon candles apart. Since Trudon was originally a wax merchant, it’s no surprise that the wax in these candles is of the highest quality. Based on a traditional recipe, the wax in Cire Trudon candles is made with no artificial substances, fillers, or paraffin. Cire Trudon candles are made from 100% vegetable wax (specifically, palm oil, rice, soy and coconut) for the purest candle and the cleanest burn. Each Cire Trudon candle has a pure cotton wick that is woven right in for the longest burn time possible. Cire Trudon candles were green long before environmental consciousness was a trend – all Cire Trudon candles are free of pesticides, allergens, and chemicals. All are biodegradable. As a result, they burn amazingly clean and leave virtually no soot behind.

The scents of Cire Trudon candles also set the Cire Trudon brand apart. Cire Trudon candles have fragrances that are based on the landmarks and history of France. The Roi Soleil candle, for example, has the scent of the polished wood of Versailles and the fragrance of the palace’s famous Mirror Gallery. The Carmelite candle is reminiscent of the stones and shaded scents of cloisters while Spiritus Sancti captures the scent of churches. The Ernesto candle is scented with tobacco and leather notes while the Manon candle brings to mind tiled floors and fresh linen. Each scent is unique and created from the finest possible ingredients for a true sensory experience.