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  • Amouage Scented Candles

    Amouage Scented Candles

    The renowned candlemaker Amouage presented series of new fragrances, carefully selected for both sophisticated women and men who are searching for unique experience that transcends time and distances. Exotic, seductive and healing aroma of the latest Amouage candles will transport you directly from your room to the yet undiscovered epochs and places, while enriching your […]

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  • Amouage Candles for Summer

    Amouage Candles for Summer

    Amouage candles are the height of exclusivity and luxury when it comes to candles. Each Amouage candle is carefully made as part of a very small batch and each candle is made from only the finest ingredients. Many of the candles are made with scents and ingredients that are available in Oman, where the candles […]

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  • Create Luxury Ambience with Amouage Candles

    Create Luxury Ambience with Amouage Candles

    If you want to create an ambience of luxury in your home, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on interior décor. Before your guests even see your home, their noses are already at work. Even the most beautiful furnishings and décor will not seem luxurious if your home smells of inexpensive room freshener, […]

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