Candles for Spring – Part Two

As flowers start to blossom and as nature awakes around us once again, it is the perfect moment for all candle enthusiasts to bring some of the outdoor miracles to their own home with a little help of luxury scented candles. To facilitate your choice of the most graceful and appropriate spring candle scents, we continue our list of suggestions of products made by some of the most recognized and distinguished brands in the world of high-end candles.

The recommendation of spring-inspired products continues with the very special fragrance made by the company that is a synonym for luxury and high class – Vie Luxe. The selected spring aroma is named Tuileries Candle which can be described as the symphony of floral scents, combined in the manner to resemble the most lovely garden that can be found anywhere in the world. This special mixture was achieved with the combination of rare jasmine, white tuberose, geranium petals and lavender buds. These exquisite flowers are very gorgeous by themselves. However, once combined and sensed at once, they offer a true olfactory spectacle that will turn your home into a magical garden. The candle weighs exactly 8 oz, which guarantees around 60 hours of burn time. It is set in a smart glass with nickel finishing and presented in a beautiful ornate gift box. This spectacular floral mix is available at the price of $48.

The next product we would like to bring to your attention is the timeless candle with a high level of grace – Jasmin Gardenia # 60 Candle. The product is presented by the famous brand Trapp whose guiding idea is to create candles that are equivalent to bottles of perfume. Its main ingredient – jasmine is supplemented with the notes of gardenia and the slight touches of honeysuckle. This creamy colored product is set into a transparent glass and packed in a stylish olive-green box. It weighs 7 oz, which enables its lovely smell to enrich your living space for around 55 hours. It can be yours for just $22.

The second part of our list of ideas for spring candles concludes with a little twist – Thymes Moonflower Candle. It is the product with a mysterious name and aroma of the same kind. In the unusual mixture of scents, a true connoisseur will recognize the notes of clove, gilded cinnamon and sugar quince sparkle as the dominating ingredients. In the background, there are also hints of strong aromas, such as dark amber and smooth cognac. This high-end candle is set in an artistically designed vessel, befitting to any interior. The approximate burn time of this candle is 60 hours, while its price is $27.