Belle Fleur Candles

Belle Fleur Candles are luxury scented candles created by a famous New York City florist. Since they are created by a florist who really understands flowers and their scents, Belle Fleur Candles feature exotic and wonderful fragrances that are simply hard to match. Fans of these luxury candles often claim that few other luxury scented candles offer such a wonderful treat for the senses.

Belle Fleur Candles are a perfect marriage of science and art. Made with careful attention to the science of fragrance and the art of florals, Belle Fleur Candles combine the best of the natural world with today’s most cutting-edge technology in fragrances. The result is clean-burning candles with true-to-life fragrances that last and last.

The emphasis on science also lets the makers of Belle Fleur Candles create blends of delicate and rare floral scents. Instead of having to use common florals, the makers of these candles have been able to reproduce the world’s rarest and most exotic fragrances in a sustainable and safe way. The result is a candle that will fill your home with a wonderful and innovative fragrance that you simply will not get with any other brand of candle.

Belle Fleur Candles are also beautiful. Wrapped in elegant and timeless black and white packages, these little works of art are so modern and sleek that they work perfectly with any sort of décor. Belle Fleur Candles are the little black dresses of candles. They go perfectly with any décor, any mood, and are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you want to indulge for yourself or need a special gift for that big event, Belle Fleur Candles are a great choice.

Beautiful Belle Fleur Candles also give you plenty of choice. With two collections — The Belle Fleur Classic Candle Collection and the Belle Fleur Exotic Wood Candle Collection — Belle Fleur Candles offer a rainbow of intoxicating fragrances. For example, you can choose from the Belle Fleur Celebration Candle, the Belle Fleur Bergamot Cedar Candle, the Belle Fleur Cacao Tabaq Candle, the Belle Fleur Figue Noir Candle, the Belle Fleur Jasmine Verbena Candle, the Belle Fleur Kyara Clove Candle, the Belle Fleur Mayan Tuberose Candle, the Belle Fleur Orange Blossom Pomegranate Candle, or the Belle Fleur White Orchid Tea Candle. All are unique fragrances sure to amaze you. If you want to give Belle Fleur Candles as gifts, there are even beautiful wrapped gift sets to choose from. The Belle Fleur Petite Trio Exotic Wood Candle Gift Set and the Belle Fleur Petite Trio Floral Candle Gift Set, for example, are sure to be a favorite gift at any of life’s special occasions.