Intriguing New Candles

In constant effort to provide sensual and fresh scents, Candle Delirium adds new products weekly. These candles are made with intriguing combinations of the carefully picked ingredients that are meant to stir the market and offer new amazing mixes to all candle aficionados. Opting for one of these products will provide you an additional doze of exclusivity, since you will be one of the first people who will check them out and cast your verdict on the latest of candle creations. From the broad selection of the new arrivals, we have picked just a couple of recently created candles you can buy.

Biblical Origin

Cire Trudon Melchior CandleThe first one of these products is Cire Trudon – Melchior (Myrrh & Benzoin) Candle, a product that is exceptionally appropriate for the upcoming holiday season. This highly exclusive candle was made by the brand that has a reputation for being the most luxurious candle manufacturer and was named after one of the three wise men from the Biblical story of nativity – Melchior. As it is known, the Persian scholar brought gold as a gift, and this is reflected in the package of this candle since it comes in lavish gold leafed glass that is naturally hand-poured. This product by Cire Trudon Candles is made in a special limited edition, so beware, if you want one, you should hurry up before the stocks run out. It features a lovely holiday mix of scents of myrrh and benzoin and has the lengthy burn time of 80 hours. Since it is so exclusive and luxurious, it is quite expected that it features the slightly higher price of $98.

Sensual Candles

Even the higher price tag of $250 is associated with the massive Diptyque – Tubereuse (Tuberose) XL Indoor & Outdoor Candle which has exceptionally large dimensions (the weight of 51.3 oz.) and the formidable burn time of six days and additional six hours. However, the cost of the candle is not caused solely by its size. Its price is even more determined by its voluptuous main ingredient – tuberose. This seductive scent by Diptyque is gotten from a Mexican bulbous herb and is the most valued existing floral ingredient of perfumes. The sensual candle is fitted in a vintage looking earthenware vessel and supplied with 5 wicks. It is very tricky to produce this kind of candle since the process includes 9 different stages. By opting for this product, you do not only get a candle with the most exclusive ingredient, but also a intense fragrance that equals the one made by two standard-sized candles which burn at the same time.