Barbara Barry – Candles and Design

Barbara Berry candles have been featured in Oprah’s magazine and in many other publications. These high-quality scented candled have many dedicated fans and it’s not difficult to see why. Barbara Barry is a celebrated interior designer and she understands how to put together a home that is beautiful and a home that appeals to all the senses. Her candles are not only stunning and add to every décor, but they also create a wonderful scent throughout an entire home. Barbara Barry candles are inspired by Barry’s favorite scents and by the scents she uses in her home.

In fact, Barbara Barry candles are associated not with one but with two famous names. Barbara Barry worked with Laura Slatkin, famous for her own candle line, to create Barbara Barry candles. The resulting candles are sophisticated, beautifully designed high-quality luxury candles.

Each of the candles in the collection are named after a room of the home. Barbara Barry candles include the Barbara Barry Bedroom Candle. This candle includes scents of vanilla, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom for a relaxing and warm fragrance. The Barbara Barry Dining Room Candle has scents of tarragon, lemon zest, rosemary, mandarin, moss, green muguet, sandalwood, cedar wood, and musk. This soy candle creates a rich aroma. The Barbara Barry Living Room Candle includes the fragrance of white flowers, orange blossoms, mimosa, Star jasmine, muguet, greens, honey, sandalwood, and white amber. The Barbara Barry Powder Room Candle has notes of citrus, bergmot, lemon peel, tangerine, orange, Moroccan orange flower, and green geranium.

With the Barbara Barry candle collection, there is no guesswork. You have an expert designer’s insight into which candles fit best into every room of your home. Each scent is perfectly suited to match a specific room. Additionally, each Barbara Barry candle is made from top-grade wax and boasts 55 hours of burn time. High quality natural wax and a top quality wick ensure minimal mess and soot. The round pastel box and modern design of the candle make it perfect with any décor and make it a perfect choice for gift-giving.

If you have not tried luxury candles before, Barbara Barry candles are the perfect place to begin your candle adventure. The candle scents in the Barbara Barry are innovative and unique but not unusual. Virtually everyone will adore these wonderful fragrances. Barbara Barry candles are also very flexible. These candles are scented even when unlit and once lit, their fragrance lasts as long as the wax does. You don’t have to worry that your candle will lose its scent when you buy Barbara Barry. You will get every minute of fragrance out of the candle. Plus, the scent of Barbara Barry is powerful enough to waft through your room but not cloying or overpowering. With Barbara Barry candles, you get the perfect blend of style, intoxicating scent, quality, and value. If you don’t have these wonderful candles in your home, be sure to rush out and get some of them.