Aerin Lauder High-End Scented Candles

Aerin Lauder Sky Flower CandleAerin Lauder, the third biggest shareholder in the Estée Lauder empire, had launched her own namesake company with the idea to create the new generation of luxury products. Back in fall of 2012, she debuted with the stunning Beauty line, but what is more interesting for us, is that the new lifestyle brand had also presented a scented candle gift line for holidays, developed in collaboration with renowned NEST Fragrances. We will now go back a few years and analyze her past endeavor:

Estee & Aerin’s Collaboration

Nest’s unsurpassed quality in making high-end candles, combined with the priceless experience that Aerin acquired working alongside her grandmother Estee, provides us a new set of extraordinary fragrances to be experienced and shared during upcoming winter holidays. Aerin Lauder scented candles are distinctive by the classic design style of their hand-blown glass vessels and decorative packaging. They are made of natural, soy bland waxes which provide clean burning up to 60 hours, while their harmonious combinations of powerful and long-lasting fragrances can satisfy even the pickiest scented candle lovers.

Aerin Lauder and Nest Fragrances give us a choice of six high-end candles, each of them unique by carefully selected mix of natural aromas, based either on spicy, fruity, floral or woodsy notes. My favorite blend from the line comes with Aerin Lauder Sky Flower Candle and as I have read, it is also Aerin’s signature scent. This divine flourish candle brings the unique combination of gardenia, turberose, jasmine and magnolia, underlined with nuances of bergamot and a touch of Bourbon vanilla. If you need something to calm your senses, while uplifting the energy level in your body, this candle can be a pretty good choice.

Holiday Delights, Courtesy of Lauder

For the upcoming holidays, Aerin Lauder prepared two more floral delights. Poured into a gentle rose vessel, a reminiscent of Aerin’s collection of antique and modern Venetian glass, a Pink Climbing Rose Candle combines blossoming pink roses with exotic fruity touches of mandarin orange, Asian lychee and Anjou pear. Even more charming is a Lauder Trumpet Vine Candle with its distinctive Lily of the Valley scent, mixed with the essence of flowering garden vines and hints of lotus blossom, hyacinth and musk.

What we need for this winter is something warm and spicy. An Aralia Cedar Candle seems like the perfect answer to our desires. By combining vetiver and Moroccan cedar base and the flavor of Florentine iris with the spicy essence of star anise, clove and nutmeg, Aerin Lauder and Nest Fragrances team achieved the thrilling harmony that will certainly warm up the atmosphere of many houses during the upcoming holidays. If you like to enjoy refreshing forest flavors, there is a Jacaranda Wood Candle with a great mix of Jacaranda wood, patchouli and Spanish moss, underlined with the sweetness of myrrh and the lingering warmth of frankincense. Finally, Aerin Lauder offers us a nice fruity fragrance of wild mulberry, red plum and cassis, blended, combined with fig leaves and the hints of sandalwood and golden amber.

Although it has been a few years since she launched this line, we await to see what comes next for Aerin Lauder.