High End Candle Review – A Scent of Scandal One Night Stand Candle

It is an ideal time to start dreaming about the upcoming summer, dreaming about getting away from everyday problems and turning them into lazy days spent at the beach, surrounded with beautiful people that smoothly move their bodies matching the easy rhythms of summer hits. For the perfect picture, there is your favorite cocktail drink at the table. And perhaps, an intriguing adventure that follows.

Scents of Summer

Sometimes, a single scent of summer is powerful enough to put you in this wonderful state of dreaming, to inspire you and give you a strong motif to plan a new summer adventure. This is exactly what the Los Angeles based company, A Scent of Scandal, intended to do with its fruity One Night Stand candles. These margarita scented soy high-end candles with their provocative names and juicy aromas evoke the sweet secrets, recall dreamless nights and wait to be the witnesses of new ones.

Simply mouthwatering, the scent of the One Night Stand candle brings the beautiful blend of lime, lemon zests, and agave. This is the scent of margarita, the famous cocktail that goes perfectly with an easy-going day (or night) on a beach. Probably the most frequent cocktail of Hollywood movies, margarita has a number of variations, but typically, it is a blend of tequila, orange-flavored liqueur, lime juice and a sweetener. It can either be served neat, on the rocks or blended, usually with salt or sugar on the glass rim.

Seductive Scents

It could make every story more interesting, while breaking down boundaries between two people just met. These unique moments are etched in our memories forever and it is nice to be awakened from time to time. With the high-end scented candles? Why not? Whether combined with margarita or some other drink, its seductive scent will definitely help your partner and you to enjoy the intimate moment with all senses.

A Scent of Scandal’s One Night Stand candles have the weight of 8 oz and they are hand-poured from 100% soy wax. Coming with metal-free, all-cotton wicks, margarita scented candles insure the cleanest burn possible (the burn time is between 30 and 35 hours), while filling your personal space with a pretty cool fragrance. There are certain moments when pleasure does not have a price. Sometimes, the price for pleasure is more than affordable.

With the price of just below $15, One Night Stand candles are certainly these kinds of products that beach boys (and girls) simply should not miss.

(Please note that we are currently out of stock but we will update this post when we re-stock. In the meantime, check out our Valentine’s Day Candles).