Month: June 2010

  • Thymes Candles

    Thymes Candles

    Thymes Candles are luxury scented candles that feature exotic and rare fragrances from some of the most exotic cultures and locales in the world. These luxury candles will take your senses on an exotic safari. If you want to bring something unique and luxurious into your home, Thymes Candles are an ideal choice. All Thymes […]

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  • Belle Fleur Candles

    Belle Fleur Candles

    Belle Fleur Candles are luxury scented candles created by a famous New York City florist. Since they are created by a florist who really understands flowers and their scents, Belle Fleur Candles feature exotic and wonderful fragrances that are simply hard to match. Fans of these luxury candles often claim that few other luxury scented […]

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  • Candles for Summer Holidays

    Candles for Summer Holidays

    During the summer holidays, candles can be a great way to relax, celebrate the holiday, and even create a wonderful atmosphere during the warmest months of the year. Many people associate candles with the indoors and with colder weather, but there are in fact many reasons why candles are just perfect for the summer holidays: […]

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