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Biren & Co. - Ms. Woolf Candle

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Biren & Co. Ms. Woolf Candle is inspired by the psyche of Virginia Woolf, a timeless fragrance memorialized in vintage gardenia and sandalwood, conjoined with the essence of orange blossom, jasmine, clove, cinnamon and invigorating grapefruit.

Ms. Woolf, was a sophisticated author, who established her name in the London literary society. Virginia’s favorite memories took place in St. Ives of Cornwall where she and her family spent every Summer. She took solace in the gardens, never wanting to leave, hoping time would stand still. Virginia was plagued by highs and lows, and periodic mood swings. She suffered sexual trauma as a young child, and later suffered from a mental illness that had her institutionalized. Though her metal disorder affected her socially, her literary genius continued to impact the world, and earn the respect from all around her.

Biren & Co. Memoirs Candle Collection is inspired by vivacious writers of the past, and their lively environments at the time of their existence. Each candle evokes the essence of each fallen author’s world, all the while memorializing the aroma of their time.

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Biren & Co. Ms. Woolf Candle

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