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Biren & Co. - Ms. Nin Candle

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Biren & Co. Ms. Nin Candle is inspired by the psyche of Anais Nin, a nostalgic and magnetic fragrance reminiscent of fresh figs, sweet violet and citrus, bound by jasmine, rose water, vanilla, and sensuous musk.

Ms. Nin, born in Cuba, has garnered attention, not only from her erotic literary work, but also her scandalous love affairs. Anais, a passionate woman, full of zest and talent, was also quite cunning, and a lover to a fault. Anais seduced men, and engaged in simultaneous marriages and affairs, most notably to Henry Miller, unbeknownst to her partners at the time, but well documented in her salacious diaries. She was quite secretive, presenting one representation of herself to one husband, and another profile to her other husband – both conveniently living on opposite Coasts of the US. Without her journals, one would never know this double life she so infamously lived, which possibly served as her muse and inspiration to her erotic literature.

Biren & Co. Memoirs Candle Collection is inspired by vivacious writers of the past, and their lively environments at the time of their existence. Each candle evokes the essence of each fallen author’s world, all the while memorializing the aroma of their time.

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Biren & Co. Ms. Nin Candle

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