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Biren & Co. - Ms. Austen Candle

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Biren & Co. Ms. Austen Candle is inspired by the psyche of Jane Austen, an angelic and fresh fragrance redolent of aromatic lavender, lily, and cassis, enveloped by dry herbal notes of white and black tea, laced with a woodsy aroma.

Ms. Austen grew up in the English countryside, and lived her life constantly surrounded by her family. In fact, many believed she was too dependent on her family unit; clinging to it like a safety net, or childhood toy. She lived her adult life with her family, in their family home, hindering her from ever finding the true love and romance she often wrote about. Ironically, her stories shine a spotlight, and comically highlight the dependence of women on marriage to secure social standing during that time. Jane, a flirt, and free spirit, never did marry. One would say she was married to her literature, and her family, but was fiercely independent when it came to expressing her views, and paving her own path in romantic fiction.

Biren & Co. Memoirs Candle Collection is inspired by vivacious writers of the past, and their lively environments at the time of their existence. Each candle evokes the essence of each fallen author’s world, all the while memorializing the aroma of their time.

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Biren & Co. Ms. Austen Candle

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