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Achipelago Home Collection

The Archipelago Home Collection are sophisticated blends sure to enhance any setting. Discover Archipelago Sea candles & much more. Free Gift Wrapping!

58 Item(s)

58 Item(s)

More about Achipelago Home Collection

Archipelago's Home Collection candles and diffusers are designed for the fragrance connoisseur. Choose from scents that will enhance any mood - a calming Sea Candle (don’t miss all of our Beach Candles), an herbal Eucalyptus Candle (actually we have a whole selection of calming Eucalyptus candles & scented products), a delicate Arugula Candle or a unique Agave Candle - we could go on, but it’s best just to try them all yourself! Archipelago Home Candles burn longer and cleaner than regular candles. And Archipelago Home Collection frosted room diffusers add a distinctive decorative element, and continuous fragrance delivery.