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Agraria - Bitter Orange Incense

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Agraria Bitter Orange Incense is based on Agraria's signature fragrance and is a complex and subtle blend that comes alive with addictive waves of Clove, the zest of Bitter Orange and just a touch of Cypress. 

Agraria incense is luxuriously infused with essential oils boasting a generous fragrance load of 50%.  If you don't have a holder, try sticking them in a potted plant and don't worry where the ash falls. Also, use them outside as a fragrant way to greet guests as they come through the garden gate.

Agraria Diffusers, Petite Diffusers, Room Spays and Scented Candles are formulated to mix and mingle marvelously. All fragrances smell as beautiful as they look. Exquisite packaging and custom-designed fragrance patterns establish Agraria as the ultimate for those who wish to live and gift luxuriously.  

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Agraria Bitter Orange Incense

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