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AERIN Candles

Tap into a world of effortless luxury and classic beauty with a modern twist. Shop AERIN scented candles and candle accessories at Candle Delirium today.

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2 Item(s)

More about AERIN Candles

AERIN is a global luxury lifestyle brand inspired by the signature style of its founder, Aerin Lauder. Based on the premise that living beautifully should be effortless, the brand develops curated collections in the worlds of beauty, fashion accessories, and home decor. With a passion for art, travel, fashion, and design, Aerin's own lifestyle serves as a focal point of inspiration for the brand. Classic, but always with a modern point of view, every piece is created to make life more beautiful, with a sense of ease and refinement. Each and every AERIN candle is unique and will send you on a different journey, from the streets of Rome to the snowy peaks of Aspen. Light a candle and set the right mood, whether it is a springtime adventure with floral notes of Gardenia, Rose, and Sandalwood, or a wintery weekend around the fire with scents of wood and spice. Shop AERIN candles at Candle Delirium today.