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Wood Wick Candles

WoodWick candles offer enhanced experience thanks to innovative EcoWood Wicks, developed by DayNa Decker to substitute traditional cotton wicks. Hear the sound of candles with wood wicks!

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18 Item(s)

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EcoWood Wicks – Hear the Sound of the Candle
A seemingly insignificant change can sometimes provide a truly unique experience. If you doubt, try with innovative, eco-friendly woodwick candles. Invented, developed and patented by DayNa Decker, the renowned designer of luxury home ambiance products, they open new dimensions in enjoying high-end scented candles. As the advanced substitute for traditional cotton wicks, Eco Wood Wicks offer multi-sensual experience, as well as clear burning with low soot emissions. By producing the relaxing crackling sound, Wood Wick candles nicely recall the sense of sitting next to the fireplace, but that is not all. Thanks to unique “teardrop" flames of their organic woodwicks, DayNa Decker’s candles also create a distinctive visual delight. After numerous experiments with different materials and designs, Ms. Decker discovered the superiority of woodwicks and soon they became essential part of all her products. Suddenly, these simple little things made the perfect balance between sight, sound, smell and function. Off course, this sophisticated innovation would not make sense without other qualities that make high-end scented candles so alluring – without the finest natural waxes imbued with delicate blends of sensual fragrances and sophisticated designs that make them be inevitable parts of the home décor. With DayNa Decker’s EcoWood candles with wooden wicks, you do not need to worry about quality since each one is designed to satisfy even the pickiest customer. Hand-purred with botanical based waxes, these luxury candles provide a number of exquisite fragrances which transform a living space into a sanctuary for life.