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Wicked - Blissful + Woe Candle

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Wicked Blissful + Woe Candle is a timeless fragrance memorialized in vintage gardenia and sandalwood, conjoined with the essence of orange blossom, jasmine, clove, cinnamon and invigorating grapefruit. Inspired by the psyche of Virginia Woolf and containing a “love note” from your secret admirer.

Wicked Candles Memoirs: The Negative Space Collection is inspired by provocative authors of the past and their tumultuous environments at the time of their existence. Each chosen author led a life consumed in both lightness and darkness, a continuous battle of negative vs. positive, evoking their famous memoirs. Each related image illuminates through its vessel like no other candle, eliciting the aura and essence of each author’s psyche, as well as inhabiting distinct fragrances reminiscent of each fallen author’s world. Seduce your senses and space, all the while memorializing the aroma of their time. Hand poured in Los Angeles, Wick[ed] Candles provide maximum illumination, an environmentally clean flame and unprecedented aromatic scent delivery. 

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Wicked Blissful + Woe Candle

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  • Wicked Blissful + Woe Candle
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