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Welton - N°2 (Amber) Large Candle

Welton N°2 (Amber) Large Candle mingles light amber and floral notes. Sensuality is at the core of the atmosphere created by this fragrance. Top Notes: Lemon - Orange - Anised Notes - Spices, Heart Notes: Jasmine - Rose - Patchouli, Base Notes: Tobacco Notes - Sandalwood - White Musk - Vanilla.

Welton London Candles is an alliance of premium bouquets of scents and elegant design, enhanced by a contrast of black and chrome. Each candle in the Welton Onyx Collection has a personality of its own and lots of character. Poured into a thick, inner black lacquered cubic glass and housed in a shiny black, silver hot stamping luxury box.

  • Burn Time: 100 hours
  • Scent Family: Woodsy
  • Primary Scents: Amber, Anise, Lemon, Orange
  • Wax Family: Food-Grade Paraffin
  • Net Weight: 42.3 oz.
  • Dimensions: 5.5" tall x 5.5" wide

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Welton N°2 (Amber) Large Candle