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Karen Klein - Sicilian Lemongrass Candle

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Karen Klein Sicilian Lemongrass Candle blooms high on the Sicilian hills, abundant in sweet citrus, redolent of a vibrant and happy life, this dynamic and stylish scent evokes the Italian Springtime.

Karen Klein Candles are made in the USA with a eco-friendly soy blend wax that features a smooth, creamy look. The candles are decorated with authentic Italian paper known for it's intricate details and subtle tones of gold, creating a warm and evocative glow that calls to mind the fragrant aromas and sensual colors of the Italian countryside.

  • Burn Time: 70 hours
  • Scent Family: Citrus
  • Primary Scents: Lemongrass
  • Wax Family: Soy Blend
  • Net Weight: 10.25 oz.
  • Dimensions: 3.5" tall x 3" wide

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Karen Klein Sicilian Lemongrass Candle

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