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Votivo Aromatic Candles

Find Aromatic Votivo candle scents in our Votivo Aromatic candle collection. Choose from Honeysuckle, Black Ginger, Fresh Tomato Leaf & other Votivo scents.

48 Item(s)

48 Item(s)


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More about Votivo Aromatic Candles

The Aromatic Candles by Votivo are encased in a classic glass container - classy, elegant, beautiful. The Votivo Aromatic Candle collection features candles with popular scents that embue your home with a feeling of clean, nature, happiness. From Honeysuckle to Black Ginger, Fresh Tomato Leaf to Tuscan Olive, we have the Votivo Aromatic candle scent you're looking for. While you're perusing our wonderful Votivo collection, don't miss our most popular Votivo candle scent - Red Currant candles.