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Social Light - Manhattan w/Swarovski Crystals Lighter

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Social Light Geneva Manhattan Lighter is a 12" long, all metal refillable butane lighter. This contemporary lighter's handle is covered with a non-slip black rubber finish and randomly embedded with Swarovski crystal elements and polished chrome accents. The lighter stem is finished in polished chrome.

Sleek lines. Bauhaus-inspired design gives the Geneva Social Light universal appeal. Decorative ring allows for easy storage and refueling. Functional simplicity indoors and out. Social Light Geneva Lighters are as decorative as the torches, candles, fireplaces, and fire pits they light. Adorned with wood or rubber handles, these contemporary lighters are all metal and refillable with butane. Lighters are shipped semi-filled with butane and can only be shipped via ground shipping service.

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Social Light Manhattan Lighter

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