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Social Light Lighters

Social Light Lighters are as decorative as the candles and fireplaces they light.Bring home this innovative luxury line of butane refillable, earth-friendly lighters.

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27 Item(s)


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More about Social Light Lighters

Fire up the fun! Social Light Lighters are as decorative as the candles, fireplaces, and chimineas they light. Too attractive to hide away, Social Light Lighters are an innovative luxury line of butane re-fillable and earth-friendly lighters. Each luxury lighter is a conversation piece that adds flair to any wedding, barbecue or social event.


Social Light — The best looking refillable utility lighter and stylish alternative to lighting candles, grills, and fireplaces in the home. Social Light manufactures and distributes uniquely designed lighters for everyday use such as candle lighters, fireplace lighters, grill lighters, barbeque lighters, or decorative table lighters. Environmentally-friendly, Social Light’s refillable lighters are perfect gifts for any home décor and candle lighting accessories.


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