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Votivo - Joie de Noel Silver Votive Candle

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Votivo Joie de Noel Silver Votive Candle: In a centuries old tradition, darkened hearty cut spices, woody strands of aged rosemary, fragrant spruce and delicate hemlock boughs are mulled with caravan herbs and thickened honey combs in a blackened copper kettle over an open cherry wood flame: an unspoken welcome home anytime throughout the year.

The full-bodied aroma of Votivo Holiday Candles will fill your home with a lingering bouquet. With fragrances that are famous for their ability to quickly fill a room with complexity and depth, each candle is blended with the finest wax and rich fragrances. Poured into festive silver vessel.


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Votivo Joie de Noel Silver Votive Candle

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