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Red Flower - Indian Jasmine Mini Candle

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Red Flower Indian Jasmine Mini Candle is lighting an Indian jasmine flower created from the oils of the jasmine flower from the highest mountains in India. The delicate petals are picked at dawn just as their fragrance peaks. The fragrance of night, intense heady and thick.

Red Flower Mini Candles are small, but intense. Pure flower fragrance to fill a room with the scent of everything simple and beautiful and alive. Packaged to take anywhere, film-size boxes with matches. They are yours to take, to have and to hold. Light them in trains, taxis and hotels or between cracks in the sidewalk, on window sills. A home is wherever you make it. Packaged in 77% post consumer recycled paper and printed at a 100% windpowered plant, these delicate candles are made with slow-burning, cosmetic grade vegetable wax and wicked with 100% cotton.

  • Brand: Red Flower
  • Burn Time: 15 hours
  • Scent Family: Floral
  • Primary Scents: Jasmine
  • Wax Family: Vegetable
  • Net Weight: 1.5 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2" tall x 1.5" wide

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Red Flower Indian Jasmine Mini Candle

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  • Red Flower Indian Jasmine Mini Candle
  • Red Flower Indian Jasmine Mini Candle

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