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R. Nichols Candles

With original designs inspired by the R Nichols Stationary Collection, your first sniff alerts you that you're lighting a candle of exquisite luxury & quality. Try it today!


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More about R. Nichols Candles

R Nichols Candles are an interesting take on the genre, with original designs inspired by the R Nichols Stationary Collection. When you first open a R. Nichols Candle and breathe in the scent you immediately know you have something very special. Once you light it you'll know you're lighting a candle of exquisite luxury and quality.

R Nichols candles are hand-poured in California, using only the finest soy wax blend and the highest quality oils. With a 12% fragrance oil content, R Nichols candles are bursting with gorgeous scent. And you'll be enjoying it for a long time. R Nichols candles burn for a minimum of 60 hours. That's a lot of happiness!

Message From R Nichols

I began this business 14 years ago – in the dark windowless basement of my parents’ home. I wasn’t padlocked down there or anything – I was allowed to come out. Finding myself searching for a career and purpose, I drew on my 6th grade skills (cutting and pasting) and created some tiny collages which in turn became a small line of greeting cards. Mrs. Dater, my 6th grade teacher (at the Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC), was paramount in my artistic development (and discipline). Not only did she make us type (6th grade, remember) a 40 page paper on Simon Bolivar (I am a solid typist today), demand that we wrote only with cartridge pens (which I still prefer), require us to do monumental artwork in cut paper (which consumed my weekends and is the reason R. Nichols exists today) – but she gave us a secret handshake each day when we left. I still remember that handshake today.

I took my tiny collection of stationery and pounded the pavement, knocking on doors. I found that the doors were opened, and R. Nichols began appearing on the shelves of Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Gump’s and many more.

The R. Nichols Shop opened it’s retail doors in November, 2008 – and is the first of what I hope to be many stores.

No matter what I am doing, I always strive to maintain my mission – which is to create joy, if only in small ways.

Warmest regards, 
R. Nichols

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