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Michael Aram - Bumblebee Candle

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Michael Aram Bumblebee Candle is inspired by the "humble bee" (as it used to be known), and by the flowers that it pollinates. Mandarin zest with hints of honeydew melon and golden honeysuckle compose the center of the fragrance while distant layers of sweet jasmine, yellow camellia and delicate honey richen the top notes. The bee is symbolic of hard work, diligence, and accomplishing the impossible. 24K Gold Plate, Nickelplate, glass.

Michael Aram Candles are weightless, subtle and universal yet exuberant and complex. These fragrances take their inspiration from the same organic motifs that made the artist famous and celebrate the object as well as the experience.


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Michael Aram Bumblebee Candle

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