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Manifest Destiny - Hunter's Reign Candle

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Manifest Destiny Hunter's Reign Candle - Waiting for the Moment. The Moment is Here: The hunter charges through the foggy forest. As he chases, oak branches, moss, boulders and the occasional mushroom are tossed underfoot. His leather jacket is wet with rain and sweat. Eventually, he retreats to a cabin hidden in the trees. There he reaches for the subsequent warmth of his bourbon and fumbles for his pouch tobacco creating a sensual and visceral scent. Richly scented with notes of pouch tobacco, vintage leather, oak moss, bourbon, wood, and earth. Scent Blueprint: BOURBON * MOSS * LEATHER * POUCH TOBACCO

Manifest Destiny SERIES 1 & 2 Candles are a sophisticated Neo-Gothic approach to fragrance and packaging, setting it uniquely apart from other luxury candle brands. Emerging from a black box (the label of which features a vintage image against a silver metallic background), each candle is housed in a metalized glass vessel, carrying the same curated image on its box. The image conjures up an otherwordly tale of strange and magnificent happenings. It's signature scent is inspired by that tale.


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Manifest Destiny Hunter's Reign Candle

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