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Inspiritu Candles & Parfums

INSPIRITV honors the SPIRITUAL journey of every soul by creating a line of fragrances, that reveals & transforms the most ancestral &evocative of our senses into a powerful instrument of inner discovery.

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As we wander through life, a jungle of information overwhelms our SOUL; an endless load of stimuli that deafens our ears, blinds our sight, obscures our mind. But within ourselves, there is a place where we can CREATE, where we can truly LISTEN. In the SILENCE that separates our thoughts, the space between our emotions and the gap between our fears, we experience BEING. It is right there, in that state of STILLNESS, that LIGHT shines through; we discover ourselves broader, infinite, INSPIRED.We are all UNIQUE, but deeply, we all share that destiny, that CALLING, that quest for inner PEACE.


INSPIRITV honors the SPIRITUAL journey of every soul by creating a line of Fragrances, that reveals and transforms the most ancestral and evocative of our senses into a powerful instrument of INNER DISCOVERY.Five paths that lead to the same source of enlightenment and inner awareness, based on an idea of spirituality and beauty that goes beyond all creeds, religions and cultures. The INSPRITIV COLLECTION of fragrances expresses a bouquet of exclusive essences created by French Master Perfumers from Grasse.



LVXLVX, means LIGHT, and the aphorism “Lux In Tenebris” holds the origins and history of the brand, the INSPIRITV INCENSE with it’s volumptous and ancestral aroma celebrates the unifying power of the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS that knows no religion nor boundaries, a scent that creates a meditative SPACE and a sense of PEACE.The notes of LVX are the olfactory and conceptual memory of the other four fragrances inspired by the cardinal virtues: FORTITVDO, IVSTITIA, TEMPERANTIA and PRVDENTIA.


FORTITVDO/FORTITUDE, is the virtue that uplifts the soul carrying the Lion as its symbol. An audacious timbered fragrance that opens with sweet hints of acacia, violet and saffron, gradually deepening with cedar, sandalwood and hay.

IVSTITIA/RIGHTFULNESS, is the virtue of those guided by the truth; the essential element of wisdom, symbolized by the Scale. Diffusing an aroma arising from Brazilian orange, fennel and dill, it gently reveals notes of cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli, finally converging towards amber, vanilla and Arabian elemis.

TEMPERANTIA/RESILIENCE, is the virtue that bestows equilibrium to being, and that finds its symbol in two cups. The fragrance opens with grapefruit, pepper, ginger and red berries, lingering on jasmine, French violet, Turkish rose and abandoning itself into an embrace of vetiver, musk, amber and patchouli.

PRVDENTIA/SAPIENCE, defined as the Virtue of Virtues cause it administers all the others; it is symbolized by a double-headed young lady.
This fragrance opens with wildflowers, Indian hyacinth and Iranian galbanum, sinking into berries, peony and Florentine iris, closing with a recall of precious woods, moss and cedar.


INSPIRITV Candles are made with exquisite wax and housed in handblown glass vessels by the prestigious Cristalleria Arzanese. Branded with the INSPIRITV monogram and decorated with floral and symbolic engravings, these designs by Tuscan master artisans are gradually revealed as the wax melts away. Fusing creativity and craftsmanship, INSPIRITV CANDLES are one of a kind and represent the finest Italian traditions. Size: 400grams/14. Approximate Burn Time: 100 hours.


Replicating the transparency and revelation effect of the CANDLES INSPIRITV EAU DE PARFUM bottles are beautifully decorated with crimson lacework, the name and brand float over the Lion, the Virgin, the Scale and the Pots like waves over the ocean floor. For LVX instead the white monogram laces beautifully under the floating crimson red INSPIRITV LOGO. The heavy antiqued bronze cap, originally designed for INSPIRITV, give it the right gravitas. Finally the signature origami box decorated with INSPIRITU original artwork. 100ml HEIGHT 7cm WIDTH 4.5cm.



Born in Prato, Italy, Luca Calvani’s early years were spent studying textile design in both Milan and New York. During this time, Calvani modelled extensively for many international brands including Giorgio Armani before turning his attentions to Acting. Calvani’s break came when, in 2001, he was cast opposite Sarah Jessica Parker and Alan Cumming in the HBO series ’Sex and the City’ before joining the cast of the CBS drama ‘As the World Turns’. Calvani has worked across both theatre and film where his credits include Ferzan Opetek’s award-winning ‘Le Fate Ignoranti’, Woody Allen’s ‘To Rome with Love’, Tom Tykwer’s action thriller ‘The International’. Amongst his most recent work includes the 2015 release ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ directed by Guy Ritchie in which he starred opposite Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander. In 2015 Calvani launched the fine fragrance and candle brand ‘Inspiritu’ with his long-time friend Olivia Mariotti. Calvani lives in Tuscany with his partner Francesca Arena and their daughter Bianca.

Olivia Mariotti is co-founder of the award-winning fashion and luxury branding agency REM Ruini e Mariotti - a key market leader shaping the image of fashion advertising. REM is behind all the iconic Valentino ad campaigns, Olivia was one of the key drivers behind the fashion powerhouse’s repositioning. REM also created Gucci’s memorable ad campaigns during Frida Giannini’s decade-long tenure. In her previous 20 years, Olivia achieved top corporate executive positions. First at fashion House Fendi, and then at Bulgari until their sale to LVMH. Recently, Olivia added the luxury travel industry to her portfolio, co-founding the boutique five star DOM Hotel in Rome. On the academic front, Olivia has been appointed by Rome’s prestigious LUISS University as Director of its Masters in Fashion Management. Her community work includes the Advisory Board of Cash&Rocket - dedicated to empowering women and educating children in Africa; and fundraising for the NPH Fondazione Francesca Rava to open a neo-natology ward in Haiti’s St Damien Hospital. Always keen to seek new challenges, Olivia has just fulfilled a lifelong dream with the launch of INSPIRITV, created with Italian actor and friend Luca Calvani - her own brand of luxury candles and refined perfumes.