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LAFCO - Holiday Soap Set of 3

LAFCO Holiday Soap Set of 3 is LAFCO's Assorted Holiday Soap Gift Set, including 3 favorite Holiday scents: Berry, Tree and Feu de Bois (Ski House). This 3 Mini Soap Set is 1 soap each of 3 of LAFCO's hand picked scents for the Season! The perfect gift for any LAFCO lover.

LAFCO's quadruple milled soap has been specially formulated with a vegetable base using only cold pressed coconut oil which means that there are no traces of solvents. This soap is perfect for sensitive skin and skin prone to redness or irritation as it contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives. It is Vegan (Never Tested on Animals) and 100% biodegradable. The scent used in this soap is made from a natural essential oil (92% minimum) based fragrance. It has NO TETRA SODIUM EDTA (instead there is phosphorus based acid that acts as a stabilizing agent), NO PARABENS and NO BHT. We use only natural Radish Root Ferment filtrate as an anti-microbial agent for your protection. Under normal (dry) conditions, your soap is good for use for 36 months after opening the package.


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LAFCO Holiday Soap Set of 3