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Gilles Dewavrin Candles

Gilles Dewavrin Candles are made with a wonderful combination of aromas that are always subtle, often unusual & sometimes daring. Experience these fragrances today!

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40 Item(s)


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More about Gilles Dewavrin Candles

Gilles Dewavrin Candles


For 20 years, Gilles Dewavrin Company has been creating unique fragrances, along with the best French perfume-makers. Their favorite themes? Sensual delight, appetite and freshness. Their main sources of inspiration? The East, tea and flowers. Their passion: To enhance the atmosphere in the house through the creation of new fragrances, and to provide well-being and happiness by diffusing sophisticated aromas in your interiors. Because Gilles Dewavrin Candles are extremely demanding in terms of quality, they have been selecting the best French craftsmen to deliver superior quality candles and fragrances. To better comply with environmental requirements, Gilles Dewavrin are increasingly using vegetable components without compromising the quality of their fragrances or burning features.


The French word for candle is bougie. It comes from a French form of "Béjaia", a town in Algeria (Kabylia) that used to be a center of trade for wax and candles, during the Middle-Ages.


Gilles Dewavrin Candles In Metal Boxes


Gilles Dewavrin Candles are hand poured into an aluminum container with a lid that is lined with a thin layer of cork. When the lid is placed under the container, it protects the furniture from the candle heat. Made with food-compatible wax, enriched with vegetable wax using only lead-free cotton wicks and burns for approximately 40 hours.


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