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Diptyque Room Fragrance

Find the Diptyque Room Fragrance for your needs. From Diptyque Room Spray, to Diptyque Diffusers to Diptyque Scented Ovals, all are perfectly Diptyque.

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24 Item(s)


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More about Diptyque Room Fragrance

Diptyque Room Fragrance

Diptyque Diffusers: The Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser brings back the visionary world captured in perfume. Discover scents such as the classic Baise or a rose diffuser.. Make sure to also get a diptyque refill so you never run out of your scent.

Diptyque Room Sprays: Immediately fragrance a room with one of their unique candle scents, such as Orange blossom room spray

DIptyque Ovals: For a closet or a drawer. Diffuses approx. 3 months.