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Diptyque - Oyedo Eau de Toilette 100ml

Diptyque Oyedo Eau de Toilette 100ml is a luxuriant basket of citrus fruit: bright lemon, slightly piguant green mandarin, tangy orange and tamarind offer an invigorating blend.

In Oyédo, there is Edo, the former name of the town of Tokyo which means Door to the Bay. The Far East is the source of inspiration for this eau de toilette. In perfumery, citrus fruits are regularly used for their particularly cool property. Oyédo brings out their fruity side which imparts both persistence and personality. First of all, the lemon which is bracing, biting and nervy; then the mandarin which is exquisite, cool and slightly spicy. Thyme gives fullness, warmth and content.

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Diptyque Oyédo 100ml Eau de Toilette