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Diptyque Holiday Candles 2015

Diptyque Limited Edition Holiday celebrates the season with 3 original fragrances, 3 colors, 3 ambiances that transport us to unforgettable winters that awaken all of our childhood memories in the blink of an eye…

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More about Diptyque Holiday Candles 2015

Every year at diptyque, a limited edition collection celebrates the holiday season. This year, Diptyque teams up with Julien Columbier, who lives and works in Paris. On a black background, armed with pastels and chalk, he hones a technique that occupies the space with a collision of colors, which he uses like a source of light. As an acknowledged artist, he has already partnered with famous brands such as Chanel, Cartier & Laduree. Most recently, he has collaborated with Baccarat, for which he reated the breathtaking Pretemps Haussman windows in Paris.


Three original fragrances, three colours, three ambiences transport us, each in their own way, to unforgettable winters that awaken all of our childhood memories in the blink of an eye. The scents become symbolic, evoking white horizons, tree-covered slopes and gourmand warmth. They embody emotions and memories.


Oliban - Blue in color. A thousand and one mysteries are released through the sweet oriental vapours of incense. The woody accents are set against fresh notes and balmy tones within this warm and soothing aromatic gem.

Liquidambar - Red in color. A celebration of nature’s delights, which embraces the redness of this large autumnal tree. Its enveloping liquid amber is spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, then cloaked in the scent of muscovado sugar, providing a sweet and warm veil of gourmand accents.

Sapine- Green in color. The base of a pine tree which draws back to childhood, to the beauty of winter and the memories of a Christmas gone by. The fragrant resin crystals are infused with a hint of mandarin: a familiar yet unprecedented meeting of citrus and woody notes.