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Diptyque Holiday Candles 2014

Diptyque Limited Edition Holiday celebrates the season with 3 original fragrances, 3 colors, 3 ambiances that transport us to unforgettable winters that awaken all of our childhood memories in the blink of an eye…

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3 Item(s)

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More about Diptyque Holiday Candles 2014

Every year at diptyque, a limited edition collection celebrates the holiday season. A collective of young artists lends itself to the task this time. They go by the name of Qubo Gas and are known for combining traditional techniques and digital technology to cultivate a singular creative mix. This happy blend of past, present and future to create something timeless is one of the affinities explaining this partnership with diptyque.



Three original fragrances, three colours, three ambiences transport us, each in their own way, to unforgettable winters that awaken all of our childhood memories in the blink of an eye. The scents become symbolic, evoking white horizons, tree-covered slopes and gourmand warmth. They embody emotions and memories.


Épice warm and vibrant, is tinged with the red tones of flames. A distinctive softness, a voluptuous strength…An enchanting, inimitable cinnamon with the reassuring roundness of plum.

Hiver for the winter season…in a tone of blue that brings out shades of white. A sensual evocation of the cold, biting North wind, and then a wood fire and roasted chestnuts…Both sides, enveloped in a balsamy facet, irresistibly attract us to this world of contrasts that nourishes life.

Résine Green in colour to encompass all that pine has to offer; its whole fragrance world is found impressed in the wax. Bark, resin, crushed needles…A generous, open and comforting naturalness.