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Cire Trudon - La Marquis (Verbena & Roses) Room Spray Refill

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Cire Trudon La Marquis (Verbena & Roses) Room Spray Refill is like the cheerful and powdered air of a delicious boudoir: verbena and lemon stimulate the sensuality of the white flowers and the rose. This perfume at once tender and clever, keeps up all the sharpness of Madame de Pompadour’s conversations and the voluptuous charms of the Rocaille chic. Fragrance Notes: Head: verbena, lemon, citronella. Heart: rose. Bottom: cedar, rosewood.

Now you can replenish you favorite Cire Trudon Room Spray, full-size or travel size. Cire Trudon's generous room spray refills come with their own funnel for an easy no-spill experience!


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Cire Trudon La Marquis (Verbena & Roses) Room Spray Refill

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