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Cire Trudon - Melchior (Myrrh & Benzoin) Grande Candle

Cire Trudon Melchior (Myrrh & Benzoin) Grande Candle: One of the "three kings" or "wise men," Melchior was the Persian scholar who brought gold to Bethlehem. In pure gold-leafed hand-poured glass, Cire Trudon's Melchior candle features the delicate perfume of myrrh and benzoin, a healing resin. It makes a perfect gift for the Holidays, or for any special occasion, whenever celebration is in order. SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION!

Cire Trudon’s flagship item, this over-sized large perfumed candle weighs over 6 lbs, is adorned with the Trudon blazon, has 3 wicks and burns for over 200 hours.

  • Burn Time: 250 hours
  • Scent Family: Earthy
  • Primary Scents: Myrrh
  • Wax Family: Vegetable
  • Net Weight: 98.7 oz.
  • Dimensions: 8.5" tall x 7.25" wide

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Cire Trudon Melchior (Myrrh & Benzoin) Grande Candle