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Cire Trudon - Little Red Riding Hood Candle

Cire Trudon Little Red Riding Hood (Le Petit Chaperon Rouge) Candle: LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION - This candle whisks us off into the woods where a brave little girl skips along, toting a basket full of goodies for her sick grandmother. On the trail to grandma's cottage, she encounters the scents of cedar trees, lily of the valley, moss-covered bark and wild berries.

Cire Trudon's Fairy Tale Collection draws inspiration from the Brothers Grimm, capturing the enchantment that their classic tales bring to children at bedtime. Every element of this collection is playful. The hand-poured glass is transparent, and replacing the brand's classic gold are brightly colored red and blue metallic crests. Housed within each box is an illustrated story book, written in English and French, meant for reading aloud by candlelight, to create an enchanting bedtime experience through scent and memory.


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Cire Trudon Little Red Riding Hood Candle