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Christian Tortu Candles

Christian Tortu Candles are a range of fragrances by a true lover of nature. Bring home the fragrances of the forest, garden and orchard with Christian Tortu Candles!


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More about Christian Tortu Candles

Christian Tortu Candles are a range of fragrances by a true lover of nature whose ambition is to make life more pleasant and beautiful.


Christian Tortu now deepens his love story with nature with its most fascinating facet: Christian Tortu Candles. His exciting floral creations are now expressed in a line of candles that bear his name as a guarantee of being true to nature. In order to give birth to these fragrances, Christian Tortu has been collaborating with the worlds most famous "noses." At first, Annick Goutal, who formulated the Christian Tortu candle best-seller "Forets", then Peirre Bourdon, the creator of some of the industry's biggest successes (Cool Water by Daviidoff, Dolce Vita by Christian Dior, Kouros by YSL, just to name a few) and is the creator of most of Christian Tortu candles. The Christian Tortu candles are very similar to the flower bouquets he has been creating for years: fascinating and unique from any other, inspired not only by the flower garden but also by the forest, the orchard and even the vegetable garden.


Is Christian Tortu just a florist?

This question can seem inappropriate. But then if you consider the whole of his creations and the spirit in which he works, isn’t Christian Tortu as a much painter, a decorator, a naturalist, a designer, a stage-manager or even a magician? Like his flower bunches, where kinds and species readily mix flawlessly together, qualifiers are superimposed, which clash and mix together in order to try to understand the man who readily describes himself as a photographer who shares with others the emotion of a landscape with a simple center. However, there is a strong link between all these professions: nature. Nature is a absolute model, a model of life, authencity and simplicity. Nature as an ispiration source, requiring balance and freedom. Thus, apart from this multiplication of activities that betrays a never-failing curiosity and a truly artistic sensivity, Christian Tortu is a man who wants, before anything else, to help to catch the beauty of the world. The revendication of such an ambition tends to take Christian Tortu out of the florist restrictive category and gives him a humanist statue. A humanist of a new kind whose theorical corpus is vegetal, phrases and bouquets.  Far from the great concepts and theories, Christian Tortu keeps on going with his simple and fragile flowers, his unusual assemblings being as much lessons of modesty and tolerance.  With this determination, simplicity and softness, he has overthrown and revolutionized his profession of origin. If Christian Tortu still claims the name of florist, it is because he has changed the profession’s codes. In each bouquet, he says, there is the part you sell and part you give: emotion.


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