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Carriere Freres - Lily of the Valley (Majalis) Candle

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Carriere Freres Majalis Lily of the Valley (Majalis) Candle: The lily is a delicate plant of the Ruscaceae family. At the other end of its little white bells, its underground stems, or rhizomes, help the lily spread. Although the lily is one of a kind, many varieties can be found across Europe, Asia, and some parts of America. In France, we hand-pick them on May 1st to celebrate the Spring. Invigorating and pure, the lily carries the scent of happy days.

Made by Cire Trudon, the very fine vegetable wax of Carriere Freres candles allow them to burn slowly and neatly. They are delicately perfumed, with a 50 hour burn time.

  • Burn Time: 50 hours
  • Scent Family: Floral
  • Primary Scents: Lily of the Valley
  • Wax Family: Vegetable
  • Net Weight: 6.7 oz.
  • Dimensions: 3.5" tall x 3" wide

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Carriere Freres Majalis (Lily of the Valley) Candle Box

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