Virginia Hey Couture Candles

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Virginia Hey Couture Candles are a soy candle that combines the best of sophisticated European design and fragrance with zen-like simplicity and purity. Virginia Hey Couture Candles are high-end candles made with the finest perfumes and fragrances. At the same time, all Virginia Hey Couture Candles are made to be vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free – with organic soy wax and cotton wicks which are as gentle on your health as they are on the environment. Each candle is made from “blanc de Chine” fine unglazed porcelain and is made by hand. Each Virginia Hey Couture Candle is then wrapped in a satin-lined embroidered pouch, capped off with a tassel. All the candles are elegant and stunning, without being cruel to the environment.  

Virginia Hey Couture Candles are designed by Virginia Hey, an Australian fashion editor, actress, model, and natural therapist. Virginia Hey wanted her Couture Candles to epitomize her love of beauty and luxury as well as her love of natural beauty and romance. Virginia Hey Couture Candles certainly encapsulate all this in a fine home fragrance candle product.

Virginia Hey Couture Candles are divided into three collections – the Fleur collection, the Casablanca collection, and the Homme collection. The Fleur Virginia Hey Couture Candles collection includes six distinctive floral fragrances. All the Virginia Hey Couture Candles in this collection are packaged in a stunning black floral satin box and matching pouch. The Casablanca collection of Virginia Hey Couture Candles includes six modern and fresh scents – including the popular Virginia Hey Couture Casablanca Fresh Clean Candle. Each Virginia Hey Couture Candle in this collection is packaged in an elegant black faux suede pouch and matching box.  The Homme collection of Virginia Hey Couture Candles includes six earthy and rich fragrances. Each of the candles in this collection is wrapped in a black imitation leather pouch and box, embroidered with a silver logo.

Virginia Hey Couture Candles all feature vegan and organic 100% soy wax, with no animal products used. All the candles are non-toxic and kosher, safe to use in your home. Virginia Hey Couture Candles use only lead-free cotton wicks for your absolute peace of mind and your safety. The fine porcelain jars are unglazed to help you avoid the chemicals and toxins often found in glazes and each candle jar also features a beautiful porcelain lid. Virginia Hey Couture Candles are 13 oz and boast more than 80 hours of burn time. All Virginia Hey Couture Candles feature specially designed perfumes and the candles are in fact so natural that they can be used as perfume – simply dab molten wax from the candle on your pulse points.

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