Scented Candle Review: Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle

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Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco CandleThe Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle combines notes of tobacco and bergamot. Bergamot is the fragrance of earl grey tea, and it is citrus and light. Tobacco leaves have a sweet, rich, almost leathery scent. The result of combining the two fragrances is the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle: a sweet but spicy-scented candle that is masculine and perfect for any home. If you love scented candles but want to stay away from fruity and flowery scents, the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle is a great option. It is also a great candle to give that special man in your life. If you are a guy, lighting the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle makes your home smell terrific instantly – without smelling like cleaning products or a flower garden.

Unique and Rich Scent

In fact the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle is a great option for customers who don’t usually like scented candles. Unlike candles that are overpowering or sweet, this candle has a unique and rich scent that many customers love. It is also a great candle for those looking for popular man candles.

Hand-Crafted Candle

Like all Archipelago candles, the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle is hand poured, ensuring fewer flaws in the wax. As well, Archipelago uses only the best quality fragrance oils and the best wax blends, ensuring a clean-burning candle with a true-to-life fragrance. In fact, every Archipelago candle is made from over 70% natural soy wax. Soy wax is natural and sustainable as a wax solution, and also provides a clean burn with fewer toxins.

Glass Beauty

The Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle is designed to be beautiful as well. Part of the Signature Collection, this candle comes in a beautiful pastel box. The glass jar is reusable and a clear stylish glass, perfect for any décor. The jar is decorated with the Archipelago logo in a stylish way. Overall, the style of the candle is simple and sophisticated, perfect for any room.

Extended Burn Time

Customers will also find that the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle offers great value. The 5.25 oz. candle offers 50 hours of burn time, and since Archipelago uses the finest waxes and fragrance oils, the fragrance of the candle stays true and rich until the last moment. If you really love the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle, the same scent is also available as an Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Votive Candle, with 18 hours burn time. If you love the fragrance of the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle, but are somewhere where candles are not permitted, the Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Diffuser is also available in the same fragrance.

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