Devine Fragrance of Sandalwood in the World of High-End Scented Candles

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Nest Mahogany Classic CandleThanks to its powerful healing effect and distinctive woody aroma, sandalwood has been highly valued for thousands of years. Extracted from sandalwood, essential oils are extensively used for making excuisite perfumes and scented candles, in skin care industry and aromatherapy. This fragrant wood has been a part of religious and spiritual traditions of India, China, Tibet and Japan, as well as an important medicament for these ancient civilizations. And this is not all. According to the scientific evidence, its sensual fragrance has a strong erotic effect on our senses.

Unlike some other aromatic woods, sandalwood (a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum) keeps its rich, sweet and warm scent for decades. Blended with other fragrances that tend to evenish quickly, a sandalwood oil serves as the base note that both enhances them and helps them last longer. As a harmonizing agent, it brings together other aromas, without overpowering them. All these qualities make sandalwood oil one of the most valuable ingredients of the high-end natural fragrance products.

Speaking about luxury scented candles, sandalwood appears as one of the most refined fragrances, capable to make a divine atmosphere in your personal space. According to the spiritual traditions of the East, its sensual flavor calms and focuses the mind and relieves anxiety, which makes it perfect for meditation and other spiritual practices or simply for the quick recovery from a hard day. Besides, it is a strong aphrodisiac that can nicely complement a romantic evening, by relieving tension and mental blocks. Scientists discovered that the chemical effects of the sandalwood fragrance are very similar to those of androsterones (human pheromones), produced by male and female metabolic hormones. Thus, by using the scent of sandalwood, you will emit pretty effective erotic signal to the opposite sex.

There are plenty of high-quality scented candles, based on sandalwood aroma. Nest comes with a Mahogany Classic Candle that mixes sandalwood with star anise and patchouli, underlighed with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel praline. Bringing the spirit od the Far East, Voluspa Baltic Amber 3 Wick Tin Candle offers a very interesting blend of amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla orchid. I also highly recommend Diptyque Santal (Sandalwood) Candle, as well as Trapp Patchouli Sandalwood candle. Finally, there is a remarkable Delirium Samurai Woods candle, presenting a mystical blend of incense, bergamot, nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli and blondewoods.

Due to the deficient resource of these precious woods, the price of sandalwood oil goes up dramatically, which leads to the emergence of fake products on the market. If you are a fan of scented products based on sandalwood aroma, you should be aware of this fact. Be careful when buying them and if you do not want to risk, choose brands with high reputation.

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Scented Candles – a Little Secret for the Perfect Interior Design

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Delirium - Blue Absinthe CandleIf you have more than two scented candles in a room, that means they are not anymore just a few objects that smell nice. They have become an indispensable part of your interior design style. Whether you are aware of this or not, these candles decorate your personal space by their scent, by the way they look and finally, by their arrangement. They have the power to transform a living space, to open a room and make it bigger or to create a cozy, idyllic atmosphere. High-end candles send a strong message about your character, affinities and mood. Thus, do not let them do it wrongly.

If you have already defined which kind of scented candles provides you the most pleasure, it is time to cross to the next level. I usually start with the question: “Which message do I like to send”? If you care what people think about you, this is a very important question. The smell of the house is the first thing we notice when we step into someone’s home and that smell is something that unconsciously builds a strong first impression about the person we visit. Maybe it is superficial, but this is the way our minds usually work. Thus, as well as you carefully choose the furniture, color of walls and perfect lighting for the house, you should take care about the scent that will complement your home décor.

For highly experienced candle lovers this should be a great fun. By picking an appropriate fragrance or by combining different flavors, they can manipulate with atmosphere, because fragrances, just like the right song, have the power to change a mood. You should experiment and find your personal secret ingredients, but for the beginning, there are a few tips. Fruity flavors are great for body refreshment and quick uplifting of energy, and they nicely match with vivid tones and lively atmosphere. Woody notes, the scents of the forest and fresh leaves, as well as the delicate aromas of the ocean and mountain air, create the illusion of the open space. They are ideal for autumn and winter days, when closed windows, as well as a lack of fresh air and natural light may make us feel anxious and depressive.

For a warm and idyllic atmosphere, we recommend high-end candles with spicy and food flavors, including ginger, basil, coconut, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla… Perfect for chill out nights, some herbal scents have a strong healing effect, while the scents of leather, tobacco and champagne will give a subtle touch of luxury to your home. Finally, the seductive fragrances of sandalwood and exotic fruits seem like the perfect aphrodisiac.

Now, since you have already achieved the ideal “scent decor”, it is time for the last step. Complement your interior design by choosing a perfect candle arrangement. Usually this task should be a piece of cake, since the majority of luxury candlemakers pay a great attention to design of their products. Thus, you just need to reach the basic harmony among different candles and your guests will be amazed. Group together the candles of different sizes and textures and there it is – a modern decoration for a table in your living room. For an elegant dinner, you can use candlesticks of different heights and shapes, while a romantic night in two can be warmed up by arranging candles all around the loving couple.

There are countless ways to adorn your living space with scented candles. All depends on your creativity and enthusiasm, so do not miss the opportunity to leave a good impression. Small things make a difference.

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High-End Candle Review – Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle

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Baroness von Neumann Marrakech CandleMarrakech takes the high position on my top ten list, but it seems that Baroness von Neumann shares this passion for the legendary Moroccan city whose rich tradition, art and music, as well as the unique atmosphere from streets and city squares inspired her to create an adorable product. What distinguishes Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Candle from some other high-end candles is the fact that it truly manages to convey that extraordinary spirit of Marrakech by its seductive blend of fruity, floral and herbal fragrances.

In order to understand their true meaning, some things firstly need to be experienced. However, sometimes we can clearly feel the essence of things even we have never been close to them. That happens while we are reading a good book, watching a movie masterpiece; while we are listening to music from the most unknown place in the world or even while eating a fabulous dish from a faraway country. This is what I call art. The work of art can also be received by the sense of smell. In that case, simply by inhaling beautiful blend of fragrances, you can find yourself in another place or another time.

This is the main difference between regular candles that just smell nice and high-end candles that use breathtaking scents to tell you a magical story. Among manufacturers that pay special attention to this artistic aspect of candlemaking, we can find stylish and creative Baroness von Neumann that uses thrilling personal experiences to make a noticeable distinction.

Her highly popular Legend Candle Collection is dedicated to standout people and places. It includes high-quality Czar, Garbo and Johan candles, but the one that I particularly like is the Marrakech Scented Candle. Maybe it is a little bit subjective, but I am sure that most of you who like exotic flavors will love it, whether or not you have ever been in Morocco.

Baroness von Neumann Marrakech Scented Candle brings the refreshing aroma of wild berries and blooms, combined with rich notes of rose and jasmine, as well as a dry down of the most rare and coveted oils, masterfully distilled from the velvety pedals of the rose. Like every brand’s candle, it comprises all-natural soy-based wax and a cotton wick that burns cleanly without making a grime. Weighting 12.5 oz., the Marrakech candle ensures at least 70 hours of burning. This scented candle comes in a black frosted glass, nicely decorated with the von Neumann family crest. Its stylish design will give a subtle touch of elegance and luxury to any space.

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Autumn Candles and Fragrances

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The season of vacations, long sunny days, exotic travels and adventures comes to the end. It is perfect time for us to slow down, let our bodies recover and restore the energy. Nature will soon get its most colorful outfit which, together with lovely fragrances in the air will indicate exiting changes. Whether we prefer long walks through a city, resting moments at a vivid countryside or just decide to spend more time in the intimate home ambient, these changes will have a great influence on us. Thus, do not resist them. Accept every little shift in your life and add a personal touch to it.

Thrilling and addictive, relaxing and uplifting, the world of scented candles may be this little extra to turn fall into your favorite period of the year. That is why the world’s most renowned candlemakers take care that all these wonderful fragrances which make autumn so adorable can find the way to your house, even through closed windows. Just light up some of these special autumn candles and you will immediately feel the fresh kick of the upcoming season.

Here is the carefully selected list of the most authentic autumn candles on the market.

Nest Pumpkin Chai Classic CandleLet us see what “the Queen of home fragrance” has prepared for this season. Firstly, it is a high-end Nest Moroccan Amber 3 Wick candle that brings the powerful earthy blend of Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli and heliotrope, which is complemented with bergamot and a hint of eucalyptus. The next amazing soy blend candle that comes from NEST factory is a spicy Pumpkin Chai Classic. Perfect for the colder days that are coming, this luxury candle, poured in a glossy chocolate brown vessel combines fragrances of wild pumpkin and Masala chai, which is additionally enhanced with notes of cardamon, ginger and cinnamon. Finally, from the woodsy family, there comes a Nest Birchwood Pine Votive Candle, poured into a fancy gold speckled vessel and boxed in festive packaging. Its extraordinary flavor of a majestic winter forest is created by mixing white pine, fir balsam and birchwood over the base of rich musk and amber.

Voluspa Warm Perique Tabac CandleAnother highly renowned candlemaker, Voluspa comes with several exiting products for this autumn that will leave a lasting scent of the most beautiful fragrances for days. Made of creamy coconut wax, Japonica Baltic Amber candle brings us exotic flavor of the Far East, striking our senses with amber resin, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla and orchid. The best representative of the brand’s new Maison Rouge Collection is a Maison Warm Perique Tabac candle. Such sophistication has been rarely seen, even among the high-end candle manufacturers. This unique combination of warm aromas, such as perique tabac, antique leather and worn wooden floors will perfectly complement a cozy, idyllic atmosphere of an autumn night. For the end of fall, there is another Voluspa’s bestseller from the Basic Cream collection. By bringing us a clean sugary balsam of a snapped cypress needle, Maison Golden Cypress Sawara candle will transfer us to the heart of a green velvet floored forest.

Delirium Suede&Smoke CandleFor the upcoming season, Delirium offers several sophisticated products which are ready to fill up your room with exotic flavors. The brand’s bestseller, Suede & Smoke candle, will set you up in a worn leather chair next to a burning fireplace, while seducing you with the amazing blend of tobacco leaves, moss, papaya, lapsang souchong dark tea and green manda. Even more seductive and uplifting, Delirium’s Arabian Sandalwood candle is a remarkable mix of Egyptian sandalwood, tobacco, honey, caramel, vanilla and clove buds, encased in a midnight blue vessel.

Diptyque Santal CandleThe master of home fragrance, Diptyque, provides a great choice of woody flavors that come with a Feu de Bois (Wood Fire), a Santal (Sandalwood) and a Diptyque Patchouli candles. A Feu de Bois candle is a sophisticated blend of rare wood essences, a reminiscent of the authentic scent of a wood-burning fireplace. Just like every other Diptyque’s product, a Santal (Sandalwood) candle is 100 percent made of natural ingredients that provide the purest possible scents available in a candle. Its dry, erotic and woody flavor is capable to uplift energy and awaken all senses. If you would like to discover a scent of the Indonesian hills, try a Diptyque Patchouli candle with nicely combined woody and herbal notes.

If you still have not found the perfect scent for this autumn, do not worry. There is a plenty of great products on the market, waiting to be discovered. A famous candlemaker Thymes features a mountain fresh Frasier Fir Votive candle, an aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood. If you search for even more thrilling blend, I highly recommend Christian Tortu‘s Forets (Forest) Candle and its fantastic mix of the resin and needles of pine tree, the cistus of labdanum, the leaves and the wood of Virginian cedars, tree moss and freshly cut grass.

Archipelago Istanbul 3 Wick Tin CandleFor a healing and soothing effect, there is Carriere Freres Aqualaria Malaccensis (Agarwood) Candle. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in many Indian and Tibetan Ayurvedic treatments, agarwood is also known for a delicate flavor of its white flowers that will fulfill your room with peace and harmony. For those who want something more exotic and adventurous, Archipelago Istanbul 3 Wick Tin Candle could be a perfect choice. Its complex blend of black cannabis, amber and rose leaf, as well as its striking design are here to reveal yet undiscovered parts of the world.

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LAFCO – Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set

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LAFCO - Assorted 3 Mini Candle SetIf you are a fan of LAFCO candles, you already know that this creative candlemaker will not leave any of your rooms without original fragrance. What is even better, each fragrance or more precisely, a harmonious blend of fragrances is carefully adapted to the specific atmosphere of the particular space. With a new Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set, LAFCO gives us opportunity to enjoy three most popular scents from its House and Home Collection.

Living Room, Bathroom and Master Bedroom candles are poured into mini, colored, hand-blown vessels and each of them provides 25 hours of relaxation, inspiration and pure beauty. Just like every other LAFCO luxury product, the Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set that comprises 100 percent cotton wicks, soy-based ingredients and eco-friendly waxes, guarantees high-end quality and clean burning that does not pollute your personal space.

Since the beauty need to come in your life with the very first moment you open your eyes, LAFCO created a very special, healing blend of scents, combining the relaxing fragrance of chamomile blossoms with lavender buds and a subtle touch of fresh washed linens. Not just that the wonderful Master Bedroom (Chamomile Lavender) Candle can help one start a day with joy and enthusiasm, but also its powerful therapeutic effect ensures a restful night sleep and sweet dreams.

After the magical night, LAFCO will follow you into a living room, offering another high-end product from its renowned House and Home Collection. As the second surprise from the Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set, the brand’s Living Room (Fresh Cut Gardenia) Candle has a task to uplift the life energy and complement each activity with a new level of awareness. For that particular reason, the luxury candlemaker used the power of euphoric gardenia whose unique aroma, nicely rounded with the hints of fresh cut stem and sweet olive, makes any space a desirable place for spending a day time.

With the Bathroom (Marine) Candle, LAFCO closes the circle of its exquisite fragrances for every-day use. Just imagine resting moments that come with a long soothing bath in an oversized tub, overlooking the ocean. Well, even if the bath is not so special, do not worry. The point is in the special moment and this luxury scanted candle will transform even a hurried shower into a delightful experience. Its clean marine scent evokes closeness of the ocean, while a hint of cucumber has a quick refreshing effect.

With its simple design, LAFCO Assorted 3 Mini Candle Set also serves as the stylish decoration, designed to compliment the ambiance of each room in your home. This affordable luxury is available for $85.

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Kobo Scented Candles

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Kobo Champagne Ginger CandlePeople often overlook the importance of fragrances for the fullness of experience. That mistake can be fixed by letting the finest Kobo’s scents to fulfill your personal space. KOBO Candles offers a wide variety of memorable aromas to tell the story about the infinite beauty of our planet. Made of domestically grown sustainable soybeans, Kobo Candles ensures the cleanest possible burning, while providing room-filling, yet not overpowering flavor.

Driven by the realization that fragrances represent one of key elements for reviving any environment, Junko Kobori began creating scents that would recall special moments from her travels around the world, with equal quality as photographs do. Originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan, Junko and her husband have been traveling the world many years before settled down in Saratoga Springs, NY, where they started producing high-end scanted candles in 2006.

Today, Kobo candle factory launches a number of high-end products which are widely popular for their finest natural ingredients, beautiful aromas and cool looking designs of their packaging. Besides, Kobo luxurious candles are very affordable, considering their quality and burning-time. Each of them weights 11 oz. and ensures stunning 80 hours of pleasure. All that for $33, seems like a pretty good offer.

Kobo Candles are sorted into six collections (Seeds, Filament, Coterie, Botanical, Motif and Origami), each featuring the unique style and taste. Representing the wild plant life in bloom, the Botanical Collection offers groundbreaking blends of timeless scents whose universal language should satisfy any mood or theme. Inside the colorful can, there is a stylish glass with a long-lasting candle.

You can choose among a pleasantly light lemony note of Artemisian Lemongrass Candle, an earthy and rich aroma of Golden Mimosa Candle or a delicate blend of oceanic and green scents which comes with a Water Mint Candle. My favorite product from the Botanical Collection is Kobo Champagne Ginger Candle that recalls the moments of celebration, spiced by a gingery scent with ozone accords and the finishing note of Siberian pine.

The Motif collection nicely represents old Europeans interiors and sensual experience, while the uplifting Origami Collection brings the freshness of Asian seasons. Dynamic and complex, the Coterie Collection will please you with a wonderful classic design and especially with the exquisite blends of fragrances. Enjoy the sensual and sweet aroma of Kobo Danjou Lychee Candle whose scent of exotic fruits is nicely underlined with the notes of jasmine and a hint of sandalwood. With the Vetiver & Vanilla Candle, you will get aromatic notes of smooth vetiver and rich vanilla bean, combined with a warm base of earthy patchouli, smooth sandalwood, golden amber and sweet musk. Also, do not miss a Portuguese Olive Blossom Candle and a White Birch Rosemary Candle.

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High End Candle Review – D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle

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D.L. & Co. - Lady Rhubarb Large Scallop CandleThis enchanting luxury candle has the ability to recall beautiful sunny afternoons, capturing senses with freshest scents of summer and its impeccable design. The harmonious and intriguing blend of blood orange, red mandarin, grapefruit, sandalwood, and perilla has a task to calm your mind and balance your energies. At the same time, D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle will adorn your personal space with a subtle dose of classic elegance.

Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle is a part of the brand’s Signature Candle Collection that nicely evokes European turn-of-the-century fashions with finely crafted scalloped glassware and black silk hat boxes with red silk ribbons. Each D.L. & Co. Candle is made from a special, patented blend of soy, palm, and maple waxes that burn cleanly and long, with minimal soot. This is a precondition for an authentic, richly scented atmosphere to be created by high-end perfumes from the brand’s versatile range.

For the Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle, the renowned candlemaker picked refreshing fragrances that will bring the spirit of the exotic places into your home. A wonderful fruity blend of summer aromas is underlined with a striking, wood base note of sandalwood which is scientifically proved as a great aphrodisiac that can easily open and clear the emotional centers in one’s body. Finally, there is a note of perilla (also known as rare Japanese shiso), a herb that boosts the immune system.

D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Scallop Candle is equally impressive visually. It comes in a deep red scallop glass vessel which is packed in a beautiful black silk box. This luxury box from France is adorned with a stylish red silk ribbon. It looks so nice that you will probably find it another purpose in your house, after unpacking a candle.

This high-end candle is available in three sizes. A small pack weights 2 oz. and provides 15 hours of burning-time. D.L.’s Lady Rhubarb Medium Scallop Candle has the weight of 10 oz., providing 40 hours of unique delight. Finally, there is 15 oz. Large Scalope Candle that can burn up to 90 hours.

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New Arrivals from Carriere Freres Candle Factory

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Carriere Freres Gigembre CandleGood news for all passionate lovers of Carriere Freres scented candles. There are some new blends of delighting fragrances ready to be tasted. The iconic Parisian candlemaker has surprised us with Gingembre, Thym, Romarin and Basilic candles. They naturally inherited the brand’s famous formula of the high-end wax craftsmanship that has built up the brand’s reputation ever since its foundation.

By modernizing old secrets of the greatest wax makers, Carrière brothers developed their first smoke-free, purely vegetable waxes at the end of the 19th century. The same technique is still used in the fabrication of Carriere Freres candles, providing slow combustion and clean burning. Free of paraffin and other petrochemical derivates, these high-end waxes do not produce smoke or unpleasant odors and they easily can be blended with perfume.

Carriere Freres works closely with botanists and perfume experts in order to take the most adorable flavors from nature and incorporate them into the brand’s luxury candles. With their delicate fragrances, Carriere Freres candles manage to evoke the flower markets of Les Halles of Paris where, at the end of the XIX century, exotic and rare specimens were brought from faraway countries.

Like all the brand’s products, new candles also come with cool botanical design of their frosted glasses. Thus, Carriere Freres Gingembre (Ginger) Candle shows the image of the plant Zingiber officinale whose rhizome ginger or ginger root gives spicy, woody aroma to the candle. Ginger cultivation began in South Asia and has since spread to East Africa and the Caribbean where it is used as a delicacy, a medicine or a spice.

Carriere Freres Thym (Thyme) Candle presents thyme, a delicate looking herb with a penetrating fragrance, which is often used for culinary and medicinal purposes. High-end vegetable wax of the candle burns slowly and neatly for about 50 hours, allowing you to feel the healing effect of this delicate aroma.

The next herb that has become a part of the Carriere Freres family is rosemary, a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves and white, pink, purple or blue flowers, native to the Mediterranean region. Its gentle, minty aroma is presented through a Romarin (Rosemary) Candle. Finally, the renowned candlemaker comes with Carriere Freres Basilic (Basil) Candle that releases another essential fragrance from my kitchen. The culinary herb Ocimum basilicum or, as it is often called, basil or sweet basil, originates from India and other tropical regions of Asia, having been cultivated there for more than 5,000 years.

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Calvin Klein Scented Candles by Nest Fragrances

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Calvin Klein - Washed Cashmere CandleMost of us would easily identify some of Calvin Klein’s signature fragrances just with a single smell. As a matter of fact, each single product of this renowned lifestyle brand is highly recognizable by its timeless style. This also includes sophisticated products of Calvin Klein Home, the company’s extension that was presented for the first time in 1995 to become one of the leading home decor brands in the world.

In order to extend its range of remarkable products that have the power to transform your home into the calm, elegant space, Calvin Klein Home has found a perfect partner. It is the world’s famous Laura Slatkin’s NEST company that is responsible for some of the most adorable fragrances on the market. Having the impressive experience from similar projects (check Jason Wu Orchid Rain Candle and Elton John Woodside Garden Candle, both created by Nest), the queen of scented candles, Laura Slatkin and her team, have collaborated with Calvin Klein Home in order to create the entire line of CK’s Scented Candles. The result is pretty impressive.

Refined as much as we could expect from Calvin Klein Home Collection, each Calvin Klein scented candle is made of natural ingredients of the highest quality and designed with the characteristic elegant simplicity. Four intriguing blends of carefully selected aromas are available either in a single, soft-touched white glass with 3 Cotton wicks or in a three votive candle set. In both cases, the color of box packaging nicely matches soy wax accent color (either pale lilac, light green, smoky gray or soft cream). Each votive in the set that costs $32 has the weight of 2.5 oz and burns up to 15 hours. A large-glass candle has the same price. It is 12.5 oz weight and provides around 60 hours of clear flame.

My favorite blend in the collection comes with Calvin Klein Washed Cashmere Candle, presenting luxurious fragrances of jasmine, cyclamen, and wild orchid. This beautiful mix of relaxing flavors is subtly wreathed with essences of suede and vanilla. For the lovers of fresh floral scents, Calvin Klein Home and Nest Fragrances created a Delicate Blossoms Candle whose dominant aromas of hyacinth and violet are underlined by soft musks and blond woods.

Calvin Klein Lush Vetiver Candle by Nest Fragrances offers refreshing flavors of grapefruit, rhubarb and vetiver, enriched with earthy lavender and musk accords. This is not all. CK and Nest Fragrances have also taken a peak into the forest and came back with an adorable blend of bamboo, eucalyptus and leather, warmed by notes of tonka beans, oakmoss and patchouli. You can taste these distinctive fragrances by lighting Calvin Klein Smoky Wood Candle by Nest Fragrances.

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Agraria Candles and Diffusers Make the Rainbow of Fragrances

Posted by on Jul 30 2012 | agraria candles

Agraria - Balsam Crystal Petite CandleAgraria Candles and Diffusers are the popular, high-end products of the American’s oldest and largest luxury home fragrance company, discovered back in 1970, in San Francisco, when Henri Bendel’s director, Geraldine Stutz, got impressed with the brand’s trademark – Bitter Orange Potpourri. Actually, Stutz was impressed so much that he immediately helped Agraria’s founders to promote their amazing fragrances. Or should I say, he helped people to find out about this great brand. The business quickly expanded, firstly throughout the United States and later, Agraria Candles and Diffusers became recognizable all over the globe. As the New York Times reported, “the woodsy blend from San Francisco turned up in half the living rooms on Park Avenue.”

The same scents, that New Yorkers were crazy about back in 1970s, can be still found today. There is nothing retro about it. It is simply the fact that the perfection does not need to be changed at all. And Agraria still knows how to make some perfect blends of fragrances. Beside that Bitter Orange scent that comes both as a candle and a diffuser, there is another brand’s signature fragrance – a famous Balsam. Today, we can also enjoy beautiful Cedar Rose candles and diffusers, as well as Lemon Verbena, Lavender and Rosemary, Lime and Orange Blossoms and Mediterranean Jasmine.

Visually, these beautifully designed products represent the entire palette of rainbow colors. Agraria candles come in gorgeous Petite Crystal Canes, with a smaller 3.4 oz. size that provides 25+ hours of burning time. Each of them is beautified with the Agraria crest and a gorgeous silver plated lid. What you can see is just a little hint about what comes from the inside of the crystal glass. It is the amazing richness of fragrances that really has power to fill up your personal space with joy and tranquility.

Thus, with Agraria Balsam Crystal Petite Candle, you will get a stunning blend of aromas that includes the essence of a sweet balsam, Californian redwood, a hint of French sage and the bouquet of white flowers. This refreshing and luscious combination has been recognized by the American Society of Perfumers as the Best Home Fragrance in 2005.

Wile Agraria’s Balsam gives the most during spring, Bitter Orange seems like the perfect fragrance for hot summer days. Uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal, Bitter Orange candles and diffusers combine waves of clove, the zest of bitter orange and just a touch of cypress. Another uplifting scent comes with Agraria Lime & Orange Blossoms Crystal Petite Candle which, beside the refreshing fragrances of lime and orange blossoms, charms with a beauty of night-blooming sampaguita, honeysuckle and jasmine. From the background, there comes a subtle touch of amber woods, smoky patchouli and oak moss.

Each Agraria’s scent comes both as a candle and a diffuser. For every single product, the famous home fragrance company has provided natural, high-quality ingredients: Its candles are made of soft, vegetable-based waxes, while diffusers use natural essential oils, with no fillers or alcohol.

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