Chilanthropy Candles by Rey Herrera

Many people who adore scented candles want to make the world a more beautiful place – after all, they light candles to bring light and scent into their lives. For a long time, candles have been symbolic of light and hope. Now, Chilanthropy Candles allow you to create a beautiful environment in your home with luxury scented candles while also creating a better and more beautiful world. That’s because proceeds from each candle go towards an environmental charity, with each candle benefiting a different organization.

Natural EcoSoya Wax

Chilanthropy Candles are also made from a natural EcoSoya wax, which is sustainable and gentle on the environment. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, these candles are the perfect choice. Designed by artist Rey Herrera, these candles are hand-poured and use natural, organic denim wicks. The packaging in minimal and recyclable, made from recycled materials. Even the shipping materials are environmentally-friendly for this candle line.

Real Places

Each Chilanthropy candle is designed around a place Herrera has visited and each is richly scented with a unique blend of perfumes. The Chilanthropy Wenatchee Candle, for example, is based on the Pacific Northwest and contains haunting notes of cedarwood and moss. Buying this candle means that some proceeds will go towards a charity known as “Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust”, which is dedicated to protecting wildlife and forests in Washington State.

Spanish Origin

The Chilanthropy Barcelona Candle is based on a trip to the Spanish city and is therefore an exotic fragrance, with notes of vanilla and sandalwood. Some of the proceeds from this candle go towards a charity known as “Pedals for Progress”, which recycles and donates used bicycles and promotes bicycle businesses in developing countries. The Chilanthropy Biloxi Candle is inspired by the French Quarter, Lake Pontchartrain, and surrounding areas. It is scented with the perfumes of the South, including magnolia, gardenia, and Lilies of the Valley. Some of the profits from this candle are donated to an organization called “EarthShare”, which is helping to clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The Chilanthropy Yelapa Candle is inspired by Mexico and includes notes of hot chocolate and cinnamon. Buying this candle means that a donation is made to the Juan de la Barrera Elementary School for its vegetable garden. The Chilanthropy Manuel Antonio Candle contains notes of ginger and papaya, inspired by Costa Rica. This is one of the most popular candles that Chilanthropy makes. Part of the proceeds from the sales of this candle go towards “Kids Saving the Rainforest”, an organization that is working to save the rainforests in Manuel Antonio.