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Incredible Fragrances of Trapp Candles

Posted by on Jul 11 2010 | trapp candles

Anyone who has a deep appreciation or richly scented candles adores Trapp candles – and it’s not hard to see why. Trapp candles are famous for promising “ a bottle of perfume in every candle,” because the unique manufacturing process of these candles saturates the candles thoroughly with a large quantity of high-quality fragrance. The result is a richly scented candle with a high-quality scent.

As a result of their unique manufacturing process, Trapp candles are very fragrant and the fragrance lasts a long time. Each candle is designed with enough fragrance to fill a room – but since the fragrances are carefully balanced and calibrated, they are never overpowering or sickly. They fill the room with a wonderful, light scent that wafts into every corner and teases the senses delectably.

Each 5 ounce Trapp candle provides more than 40 hours of burning time and fragrance when lit. Since Trapp candles are so richly fragrant, however, some people use the unlit candles as sachets when unlit. They place the unlit candles among towels or linens to add a touch of fragrance. All Trapp candles come in beautiful decorative glass jars that can be reused once every drop of Trapp fragrance is gone.

Trapp candles don’t just create a great quantity of fragrance – they are designed to deliver the very best quality of fragrance. The scent professionals at Trapp candles work tirelessly to create unique fragrances that really capture a mood and leave a lingering memory. As well, Trapp candles spends as much money as is necessary to bring in the finest fragrances and ingredients, ensuring that the candles have the same fine fragrance and true-to-scent fragrance as the world’s finest perfumes. The Trapp Amber & Bergamot #21 Candle, for example, captures the fragrances of bergamot and amber to perfection.

In addition to a commitment to high quality, the manufacturers of Trapp candles believe in variety, which is why they are always dreaming up amazing new fragrances. You can choose a different Trapp candle for every room and every mood. There are many to choose from: The Trapp Amber & Bergamot #21 Candle, The Trapp Bamboo Sugar Cane #28 Candle, The Trapp Bob’s Flower Shoppe #13 Candle, The Trapp Burmese Wood #45 Candle, The Trapp Exotic Musk #19 Candle, The Trapp Fresh Cut Tuberose #8 Candle, The Trapp Lavender de Provence #25 Candle, The Trapp Lemongrass Verbena #10 Candle, The Trapp Macintosh #37 Candle, The Trapp Mediterranean Fig #14 Candle, The Trapp Orange Vanilla #4 Candle, The Trapp Patchouli Sandalwood #7 Candle, The Trapp Pink Grapefruit #27 Candle, The Trapp Sexy Cinnamon #39 Candle, and The Trapp Water #20 Candle. All the Trapp candle fragrances enhance your home with their beauty and their intoxicating scent – all you need to do is select the fragrances you want to try first.

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Discover Trapp Candles

Posted by on Dec 30 2009 | trapp candles

If you want wonderful luxury candles with a rich scent, you will want to discover Trapp candles. These luxury scented candles have a very high perfume content – the equivalent of one luxury perfume bottle per candle. The result is a very rich and intoxicating scent that starts long before you light the candle and continues to the very last drop of high-quality wax. In fact, you can enjoy the fragrance of Trapp candles before you even light the candle. Just tuck the unlit candles into drawers or among your writing paper and your clothes and stationery will soon become infused with the wonderful scent. Of course, once you light the candles, they will fill your room with a wonderful perfume that lasts and lasts without ever becoming overwhelming.

Trapp candles are painstaking made to the most exacting quality standards. Each candle is made of fully-refined paraffin wax, which allows the perfume to become wonderfully entwined with the wax and which allows a clean burn. The wax of every candle is fully saturated with the highest quality perfume, ensuring that the fragrance of your candle will never fade or die out. Then, each candle is carefully poured by hand, to ensure no mistakes (which can so easily occur in a factory with machines). The hand pouring process also ensures that the wax is poured slowly, which ensures even burning, so that you can enjoy every drop of your candle with minimal waste. The careful process ensures an average 50-hour burn time, making these candles a wonderful value. Candles are carefully wrapped in beautiful packaging before being shipped out, so that customers enjoy beautiful products and quality candles in a jewel of a box.

If you want the very best in indulgence and scent, try Trapp candles today. Trapp Candles come in many wonderful fragrance for you to explore. Try the Trapp Orange Clove Candle, Trapp White Fir Candle (wonderful for this time of year!), Trapp Amber & Bergamot #21 Candle, Trapp Bamboo Sugar Cane #28 Candle, Trapp Bob’s Flower Shoppe #13 Candle, Trapp Burmese Wood #45 Candle, Trapp Exotic Musk #19 Candle, Trapp Fresh Cut Tuberose #8 Candle, Trapp Lavender de Provence #25 Candle, Trapp Lemongrass Verbena #10 Candle, Trapp Macintosh #37 Candle, Trapp Mediterranean Fig #14 Candle, Trapp Orange Vanilla #4 Candle, Trapp Patchouli Sandalwood #7 Candle, Trapp Pink Grapefruit #27 Candle, Trapp Sexy Cinnamon #39 Candle, or the Trapp Water #20 Candle. Each candle will fill your home with intoxicating fragrance after only a few hours of burn time. It’s a wonderful way to scent your home and enjoy a beautiful candle at the same time. This is truly a wonderful luxury you can buy for yourself.

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Trapp Candles – Beauty in Simplicity

Posted by on Mar 27 2009 | trapp candles

Trapp candles make simplicity into an art form. Unlike other brands, Trapp candles don’t depend on marketing gimmicks, overly elaborate packaging or cute ads. The reality is, the quality of these candles speak for themselves. Pure and simple, Trapp brand candles are designed to be naturally the best candles you will try.

It all begins with the finest quality of wax. Each Trapp candle is made from a customized mixture of fully-refined paraffin and soy wax which releases scent perfectly and burns just the right way. The wax is carefully poured and each candle includes a high-quality lead-free wick that burns cleanly with a minimum of soot. Of course, each candle is completely and perfectly saturated with a rich scent that lasts from the moment you open a Trapp candle until the last drop of wax is gone. Trapp travels the world to find the finest fragrances possible, knowing that you don’t want just any perfume in your home.

And the fragrances in Trapp candles are surely worth those global research missions to uncover fragrances. Trapp travels the world over to find the very best ingredients for their fragrances. They buy lavender from France and lemongrass from Asia, because these countries produce the finest of these ingredients. The professionals at Trapp then combine the fragrances to create unique scent combinations that fill your entire home with scent day after day. In fact, Trapp is so convinced of the quality of its perfumes that it makes a simple guarantee: “A Trapp candle or spray is guaranteed to fill a room with fragrance or we will replace it…even a votive.”

Trapp candles come in many exciting fragrances that will delight and inspire you. The beautifully packaged Trapp Amber & Bergamot candle, for example, produces a smooth and exotic fragrance that is sultry without being overpowering. From bedroom to living room, it creates a rich environment. The Trapp Lemongrass Verbena candle is another example of perfectly complementary scents. The citrus of the lemongrass and the exotic warm notes of the verbena create a warm, crisp fragrance that is always luxurious, never overwhelming.

Trapp candles come in a standard medium poured size of 5 ounces. This provides 40 hours of burn time. Each candle is 2.75” wide and 4.75″ tall, packed simply and elegantly and encased in a thick glass jar that looks beautiful in any room. The high quality glass jar can be reused as a small vase or accent after the candle has burned out as well.

Even before you light your Trapp candle, the delicious fragrance will stop you and make you notice that a Trapp candle is not like any other candle on the market. You can easily use unlit Trapp candles as sachets around your home and once you light a Trapp candle the fragrance will fill your home with a delicious, light fragrance. You owe it to yourself to engage your senses and create a haven in your home. Trapp candles allow you to do both – easily and with style to spare.

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