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Summer Candle Scents

Posted by on May 25 2016 | summer candles

Summer is the perfect time to light candles. There are plenty of ways to make beautiful scented candles work for you this season:

Best Summer Candle Scents

1) Dine alfresco with scented candles. Now that the weather has gotten warmer, it’s a great time of year to eat outdoors. Dinner alfresco can become a wonderful experience if you add a little light with scented candles. Try grouping candles together at the center of your table for a centerpiece or light a few large candles for a more dramatic look. Scented candles are especially wonderful for summer nights as they fill the night with fragrance, making you feel as though you are in a garden, even if you live in the city.

2) Light up your life and scent your home with scented candles. Scented candles are wonderful indoors. Many people choose the warmer weather to do some home cleaning. To get out odors and to create a pleasant, fresh atmosphere, light some candles.

3) Celebrate the season with fresh, light scents. Even if it’s rainy or overcast outside, you can bring in some summer indoors all season long. This is the time to put away the heavier, muskier scents and time to fill your home with light, fresh, summery scents. Light, fresh floral scents such as the Nest Peony Blanche Candle or the Diptyque Muguet Lily of the Valley Candle are perfect for this time of year.

4) Bring a few candles when you travel. It’s a secret that celebrities and frequent travelers know: when you travel, bringing along a candle or two can make your hotel room or vacation home smell cozy and fresh, no matter where you travel. Another tip: if you’re traveling with kids who might get homesick, bring along a candle scent that you often burn at home to make your travel accommodations more home-like.

5) Open up your beach house with candles. If you have a lake house, cabin, or cottage, this is likely the time of year when you will be opening up your second home. To make your vacation home instantly fresh and inviting, light a few scented candles. Fresh scents, such as the famous Votivo Red Currant Candle will instantly freshen up your vacation home and chase away any stale or musty odors.

6) Get ready for those summer storms with scented candles. Summer often means summer storms and power outages, especially if you are headed to the cabin or cottage. Stock up on luxury scented candles as well as regular candles. When the power goes out, luxurious scented candles such as the very summery Jonathan Adler Palm Beach Sunshine Candle transform any power outage into a wonderful event, with a beautiful light, luxury scent, and coziness.

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Summer Fragrances for Your Home

Posted by on May 25 2016 | summer candles

Summer is the perfect time to light some beautiful candles in your home. Whether you want to enjoy a beautiful, relaxing moment without spending a fortune on a trip or want to create a beautiful alfresco dining experience on your patio with a few candles, luxury candles are an affordable way to add a touch of class to the summer months of June, July, and August.

Summer Candles with Great Fragrances

Here are some candles you will want to try this summer:

1) The Diptyque Figuier (Fig) candle.  Actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently featured this candle on her Goop newsletter, calling it one of her favorite candle products. It’s not hard to see why this candle is a celebrity favorite for summer – with its green and woody notes, it is a perfect green scent for when the world is rich and in bloom. The 50 hour burn time, carefully hand-poured wax and classic glass jar make this high-quality luxury candle the perfect addition to your home.

2) A Scent of Scandal Rock the Boat Candle. Nothing captures the summertime quite like a visit to the ocean and a boat ride. A Scent of Scandal Rock the Boat Candle perfectly captures the summer fun with scents of citrus, jasmine, lavender and sea salt. Made in the US from soy wax, every Scent of Scandal candle burns for up to 35 hours and is encased in a clever tin – perfect for traveling. Metal-free, all-cotton wicks ensure that you get a clean burn and minimal toxins in your home. Plus, you can feel great about buying this candle, since A Scent of Scandal Rock donates profits from this candle to a charity.

3) The Carrière Frères Cucumis Melo (Melon) Candle. Summer is the time for sitting on the porch and biting into icy pieces of watermelon or your favorite melon. The Carrière Frères Cucumis Melo (Melon) Candle perfectly captures that summer fun. The candle is made to burn cleanly, with 50 hours of burn time. The fine vegetable wax and beautiful frosted flass make this 6.7 oz. candle a perfect addition to your home.

4) The D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Candle. Fresh strawberry and rhubarb desserts are the very soul of summer, and the D.L. & Co. Lady Rhubarb Candle perfectly captures this favorite summer scent with notes of blood orange, mandarin, grapefruit, sandalwood, and Japanese shiso. With a dramatic red and black glass vessel and red and black box, this candle is also sure to add some sizzle to your summer evenings.

5) The Cire Trudon Manon (Fresh Laundry) Candle. If you want the fresh smell of laundry on a summer’s day but don’t want to start scrubbing, just light a Cire Trudon Manon (Fresh Laundry) Candle. With notes of linen, lavender, and orange, it’s the perfect summery light fragrance. With a pure vegetable wax, a gold-crested jar, and a long 80 hour burn time, this candle is sure to delight you through the summer months.

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Candles for Summer Holidays

Posted by on Jun 14 2010 | summer candles

During the summer holidays, candles can be a great way to relax, celebrate the holiday, and even create a wonderful atmosphere during the warmest months of the year. Many people associate candles with the indoors and with colder weather, but there are in fact many reasons why candles are just perfect for the summer holidays:

1) Candles are great for summer holiday travel plans. If you are heading anywhere, it makes sense to pack a few extra candles with you. If you are headed to the cottage or to your vacation home, for example, candles are a must. They can help you freshen up your vacation home and make it smell great – even if it smells musty after being closed up for the year. Luxury candles such as Archipelago Candles can make your cottage or vacation feel and smell wonderful – just like home. Not only can scented candles make your home away from home smell and look great, but they are essential in case of a power outage. If you are going to be staying in hotels on your vacation, scented candles can make your hotel room smell great and seem more like home.

2) Candles are a great way to keep your home smelling fresh. During the summer months, swimming trunks, pets, and plenty of trekking indoors and out can make keeping your home clean a challenge. You don’t want to spend every beautiful Saturday indoors, scrubbing, which is why scented candles such as Tocca candles are so handy – they make your home smell heavenly even when you are on the go.

3) Candles are a great way to light up evenings on the patio or deck. During the warm months, we tend to spend more time on our patios, balconies, decks, and in our gardens. If you have an outdoor space, you can transform it into something really special at night by lighting a few candles. They can transform alfresco dining or a barbeque party into something really fabulous.

4) Candles can be a great way to unwind. During the summer, we tend to be busier than ever. With kids home from school, work schedules, and vacation time to schedule in, it can still be hard to find time to yourself. Candles are a great indulgence that can remind you to be a little kinder to yourself.

5) Candles are a great alternative to bonfires. Most of us grew up with summertime bonfires and campfires. While these were fun and magical, laws regarding fires have become much more strict. If you can’t tell scary stories around a fire because of local laws, you can still (safely) enjoy the magic of open flame by lighting dozens of candles in your yard and transforming the outdoors into a magical place.

6) Candles are great for those summer night storms. In most parts of the country, summer means thunderstorms and power outages. You could light up simple emergency candles, but choosing luxury scented candles transforms a simple power outage into a time for romance or relaxation.

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